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be after his Death, he had told hin, That he needed not be concerned for that, and that in a little time they fould meet again.

THE Apprentices he fingly spoke to, calling each hy their Names ; but what he said to the latter, seemed to be only a Repetition of what he had directed to the former; and the very Words as near as can be remembred were these. I am nom a Djing Man, let my Words therefore the more be taken notice of. Labour to get an Interest in Chrift before it be too late. Deo fer núi your kepentance to 4 Sick Bed : How unfit am 1 for that now ? Be perfuaded to think there is more in Religion than a Sbom, and an outward Profesion. O seek after the Power of Godlines. These Admonitions were his Farewel. God grant they may he thought on, and improved by the Parties so nearly concern'd in then.

HE charged his Friend to let his Father and Morling knoer he was gone before. them. The beit Tidings he could have sent from a Death Bed; and a very great Consolacion it should be to them, to


think that their Son is not loft, but gone before *.

NOW to draw to a Conclusion of this Discourse, as fast as he did to the Conclusion of his Life. When he was Speechless, one that stood by him, desired him if Sensible, and if his Peace and Comfort yet remain'd, that he would lift up his Hands; which he immediately did as high as he could, and decently continued lifcing up one of them till he expired, which was on the nineteenth day of Novem ber, 1707. being but in the Twentieth Tear of bis Age.

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W HAT is the use and Improve

VV_ment that we should all make of such a Text, and such a Providence ? But,

I. TO pray that we may die the Death, of the Righteous, and that our latter End may be like his * That we may breath out our Souls in the same peaceful manner; that we may go to the same happy Place; that we may leave the same Blessings behind us. We could wish indeed for a more easy,and quick Passage to the blessed Abodes of the Righteous in the upper Re. gions, than that which is the dark, and common Road. Could be glad with Enoch of to leap the Ditch where other Mortals

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drop; and be translated from this World to another without passing thro’the Grave: Instead of dying, and leaving our Bodies in the Dust, to be rais'd Spiritual, Immortal Bodies at the last Day; we should think it much more dcsirable, like Elijah*. to ascend immediately from Earth to Hea. ven,dropping our Mantles, and our Imperfections only by the way. But since it is appointed for all men once to die of, and we must needs submit to that Appointment || ; let us content our felves in making this our conftant Request and Supplication, that our End may be Peace, and our Death Com fortable.

WHEN indeed we look to such In, stances as that we have been speaking of and have 'em before our Eyes, or the Im. pressions fresh in our Minds, I question not bur eyery one of us is ready to cry out, O that I might die like him! What I aim at in the present Admonition is to engage you to keep up the Remembrance of these things; and to cherith the present Desire, that it may not cool, and you grow care

* 2 Kings ii. 11.&c. * Heb.ix. 27. li 2 Sam. xiv. 14.


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lefs, and forgetful of your latter End. And if once such a Degre become fincere, and hearty, it will influence you,

2. T O live the Life of the Righteous ; and to follow the pious Examples of those that are thus happily departed. It is in vain to wish for, or expect the Comforts of the Upright in Death, if you do not conform your felves to their Piety,in your Lives. Now see that you come up to the Description of the Perfect Man ; and make that your own Character, or else your Hopes of future Peace and Happiness will all fail, and wretchedly disappoint you ; However you may deceive your selves for a while, yet ar látt you will find that the Hypocrite's hope (ball perifb, and be cut off; and his Trast shall be but as a Spider's Web*. Believe our deceas'd Friend, that a Profeffion of Religion, and a lewo of Godlinefs is not enough. Let the Admonitions of Dying Men, of God's Word, of your own Confciences awake you to a timely Repentance of your past Wickedness, and to a fpeedy Reformation of your Course and Actions.

* Job viii. 13, 140


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