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Let not any of us go away from hence, to return to our former evil ways; if we do, Bitterness, and not Peace; Damnation, and nor Happiness, will be our End. And your Misery, and Hell will be made more dreadful, and aggravated by this very Sermon, and this very Providence. The Perfon that is now Dead, speaketli to you in such a manner, as will encrease your future Torment, if you refuse to hear; yea, He will rise up in Judgment against you.

COULD I now tell the prophane Wretch, that if he perfifteth in his Debaucheries, and Im penitency, this perfon will certainly appear to bim in this World, and shall come out of his Grave to reprove and terrify him: this would startle the most harden'd Sinner, and in all probability be a restraint to him. Well, I can assure you of something that's unspeakably more dreadful; namely, that when the Dead shall be rais'd at the Day of Judg. ment, He will then stand at the Bar of God to witness against you.

BUT if the Death of his Body now may prove the Life of your Souls; it will


add to his Happiness and Glory at last; and will be look'd upon by him, as what was worth Dying for. Let us then be persuaded by his Example, and Advice, to seek for an Interest in the Blood, and Favour of Christ; to get our great Work done before it be too late ; to live Godly; Righteous, and Sober Lives; fo fhall our End, with his, be Everlasting Peace.

HERE I lhould have concluded, if the Consideration of the AGB of our departed Acquaintance had not made it more than pertinent to address my self particularly to those that are YO'UNG. And fure such should double their Regard, and Attention to the Language of this Remark-. able Day, wherein one Funeral Sermon is but the Preface to another *; and both oce cafion'd by the Death of young Perfons. To such therefore I would recommend the following Admonitions...

1. DON'T put far from you the Day of Death, and of Judgment. None are

* Mrs. Gravener's Funeral Sermon, Preach'd in the Af ternoon.

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too young to Die; therefore let none of us think our felves too young to prepare for Death. It is but a little while since the Person, whose Decease this Season calls upon us to improve,wasWorshipping God in this place, as we now are; and for any thing we know,in as little time, and as few Days hence, we may be laid where he now is. O that we were wise, that we un. derstood this, that we would consider our latter End *. Think not that in the time of Youth you may indulge to your Lufts; take your fill of Pleasures; and put the evil Day far from you: but consider what the End of these things will be ; and how suddenly, and unexpectedly this End may come. Remember, and let it restrain, and moderate thy Desires after, and Delight in sensual Pleasures, and Enjoyments, That for all these thingsGod will bring thee to Judgment of

2. DON'T rest till your Peace be made with God. If you are reached by any Convi&tions at present ; and are now under the working of any serious Impres

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* Deut. xxxïi. 29. t Eccles. si. 9.

fions ;

lions; let it be your Endeavour to attend to 'em, and immediately comply with them. You are not sure of the like Advantage again ; or that ever God will speak to vour Consciences in such a manner any more*. Especially if you should now go away, and seek to get rid of your pre sent Thoughts, instead of Cherishing and Indulging them, I am sure you have abundant Reason to be afraid of the * Worst.

IT is a common thing for such as are under the Influence of Itrong Convictions, to promise they will some time, or other bereafter hearken to 'em, and set about their Duty ; but they know not how to do it yer. Do you consider, that you must promise for God, as well as your felves, that otherwise your Resolves are all nothing? And that if you are not sure of the Grace, and Spirit of God, to render your purposes Efe&tual, they will all vanish and be forgot? If you seriously

* Non semper idem Floribus eft bonos
Vernis, neque uno Luna rubens niret
Vultu : quid eternis minoren
Gonfiliis animum farigas. Hor. Lib. 2. Ode is


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Thought of this, you would not dare to run the Hazzard, and venture of a Mou ment's delay, when once you found the Spirit of God moving, and enclining you to Repent and be Converted.

BUT, says the Brisk and Jovial young Man, I am now in the Age of Liberty; and for a while sure I may take my Swing; may indulge my Natural Inclinations and Affections; I hope to Repent of my Sins before I die, and to become a good Christian. I'll grant for the present, that you may come to Repentance hereafter ; but do you know what that is? And what you mean, when you say you hope to Repent? In plain English your hope is this, that God will some time or other, make every Vein of your Hearts ake,and bleed in looking back to what you are now a doing. If you may but run into this and that Sin at present, you hope that in the bitterest Agonies and Hórrors, jou fall one day wish you had never Committed it. You hope you are doing that which shall make you iremble, and ready to tear your selves in pieces, when you come to Reflect upon it. Now how unreasonable, and mad this talk is, I leave ta your own derermination : And, O that

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