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I might now engage you not to give Sleep to your Eyes, nor Slumber to your Eye-lids this day, till the present Calls and Admo nitions have met with suitable Entertainment.

3. BE careful to Remember, and of ten think upon such Instances of Piety, as that which you have been hearing of. Think over the Passages of his Life and Death, and let these excite you to, and quicken you in, your Duty. Such Pers fons are worthy to be had in Everlasting Remembrance; worthy to be talked of, and kept in view after they are Buried our of light. These are much more pro. fitable Subjects of Discourse, than what Conversation is generally filled up with ; and instead of Railing, Reflecting upon, Backbiting, and censuring your Neigh. bours for want of something it may be to talk of, let me recommend the Seriousness and Gódliness of this Deceased young Man as a proper, and useful Topic' to enlarge your Conversation upon. Let his Zeal fire your Breast, and may the fame spirit that dwelt in Him, descend upon, and abide with us.


LASTLY, Let us endeavour carefully to imitate, yea, as far as we can to exceed all that was Praise worthy in our Departed Friends. Here we have an account of one that fought God early ; that Remembred his Creator in the days of his Youth, yea, in the Days of his Childhood; as he grew up into the World, growing up also into a fitness for Heaven. Let this engage you to become Religious betimes; and to devote your tender Years to the Service of God.' Seek first the King dom of God, and his Righteousness, and all other things shall be added unto you *. God records, and kindly speaks of those that thus seek him. Go cry in the Ears of Jerusalem, Saith the Lord, Tremember the kindness of thy Touth, when thou wenteft after me in the Wilderness at. O that the Lols of one lerious young Man might be a means to make many such! And then we shall have no reason to mourn for his being taken from amongst us. But to see the Promising and Hopeful calld away in the beginning of their Days; none laying it to heart, or stri

* Matth. vi. 33. f Jer. ii. 2.


ving to rise up in their stead, to own, and serve the Lord, is a melancholy fight indeed.

I WOULD with the greatest Impor. tunity beg for my self, and all of you that are now coming into the World ; That we may know the God of our Fathers * ; and may stand up to plead hisCause against all the Workers of Iniquity. The sooner we begin to be Religious, the greater Proficiency we are like to make ; and the more abounding Comfort and Joy shall we have in the whole of our After-lives: The more eminently useful we may expect to be in this World; and the more Happy, and Glorious in the World to come.

BUT les not such, as may think they have alread > arriv'd to all that is spoken of the Person here describ’d, reft fatisfy'd in their present Attainments; let us still go on (as he, if he had liv'd, no doubt would have done) to greater, and higher degrees of Holiness, and Piety. What we read, or hear of some of the best of

* i Chron. xxviii. 9.

• Men,

Men, is possible to be out-done; and sure I am, ir is our Duty to aim at something further than ever any reach'd to. This only can prove us Perfect, and Upright; and this will be follow'd with Everlasting Peace. Mark the Perfect Man, and behold the Upright; for the End of that Man is Peace. God grant that this may be the Character; and this the End of every one of us. Amen.

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