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Mr. Caleb Head.
With his after REMARKS and
OBSERVATIONS, taken from
his own Manuscripts.

YAVING always had the HapH p iness and Advantage of a Pious

Education, which my tender Pa.. rents took special Care and Pains to beftow upon me; (and for which I shall have E 3


cause to praise God to Eternity.) The Blesed Work of Regeneration was begun, and carry'd on in my Heart, secretly, tho' not insenlibly for several Years together; and the Holy and Blessed Spirit of God was new Creating, and Forming my Soul.

As long ago as ever I can remember, I have been of a serious Temper and Disposition; owing partly to my Parents early Instructions; partly to the reading Books of Practical Divinity; but more especially to my Father's Preaching, which I con{tantly attended, and delighted in: And tho's was, when first affected with what I heard, so young as to have forgot many of the Sermons with which it pleas'd God to impress my Mind; yer several of the Subjects are to this time fresh upon my Thoughts; which I would mention with great Thankfulness.

Pfalm 50. 22. Now consider this, ye that forget God, lejt I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver.

· Pfalm 144. 15. Happy is that Peopie » whole God is ihe Lord. *


Pfalm 51.10. Create in me a clean Heart, O God, and renew a right Spirit within me.

John 14. 23. If a Man love me, he will keep my Words, and my Father will love him; and we will come unto him; and make our abode with him.

· Rom. 8. 17. If Children, then Heirs ; Heirs of God, and joynt Heirs with Chrift, With that of the Prodigal Son,

Luke 15. 20. When he was yet a great way off, his Father Jaw him, and bad compallion, and ran, and fell on his Neck, and kissed him. There are besides these many other Places, which I remember so much of, as to be able to say, they help'd on my Conversion, tho' I cannot particularly relate them.

THE Books that first made me in love with Reading, was the Pilgrim's-Progress: and another of the fame Author's, that lay about in the House : which in the pleasing Allusions recommended Serioufness, and Religion in a way very suita

E 4


ble to my Understanding, and Apprehenfion at that time.

IT pleas'd God of his own Rich, and Sovereign Grace,by these things as Means; and the Operations of his Regenerating Spirit, as the great Cause, and Agent, to convince me of my fallen State; and to dispose me to a very great Thoughtfulness, and Concern what I should do to be sav'd. Whatever I read, or heard any way pointing to what I apprehended my Case, I apply'd to my self; and look'd upon everý Word as directed to me. I hearken'd to the voice of a Minister, as the Voice of God; whose Presence and Concurrence I was convinced of, in the suiting things discours’d of, exactly to my Condition. This would at sometimes excite such a Sorrow for my sins, as made me burst out into Tears, and form many a Resolution to forfake my evil ways; tho' alass! these Impressions were frequently but short in their Continuance.

· MY Concern to conceal these tl from the notice of others, has sometimes driven me into the Fields, where under some Tree or Hudge, as I thought out of the way, and reach of Observance, I : would spread my Miserable Case before

the Great God; begging of him to direct me what I should do. These happy Moods would prevail a day or two together, but seldom longer before they wore off again.

so much

MY Constant and Close Attendance at School at that time, made me too intent upon my Diversions when at Liberty: and

h was I taken up with those trifling Pleasures I then set my Mind upon, as scarcely to allow my self time to Eat and Drink, much less to think of my Soul, God, or Eternity. In a careless condition I sometimes continued a Month, or more; until it pleased God by some seasonable af fecting Sermon,to revive my former Sense; and awake me into a fresh thoughtfulness of the Danger I was in. Then would I grieve, and humble my self for my forgetfulness of God, and my own Purposes. The Sense of licole Sins lay heavy on my Cooscience ; such as Lying, Petty Oaths, and the like; which were indeed the worst, and grosseít Sins that ever I had been guilty of.


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