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would God I had died for thee, O Absalom my Son, my Son *.

BUT YOU, Sir! have not the same Reason for your Bitterness and Pasion, which that Good Man had; His Son died in Wickedness, and actual Rebellion, against a Father, a King, and the Great God ; on the contrary, the End of your Son was Peace.

I CANNOT but think it a very Vnseasonable Complement, to tell you how great a fare I bear in your Affliction; or to talk of Condoling your Loss, when your Grief rather calls for Allays than Encourage

And I am too much afraid your looking upon the foregoing Leaf


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bas proved a fresh Stab, to say any thing here that might Widen, or Rake in the Wound.

WHEREWITH then shall I seek to Comfort you ? Shall I put you in Mind of that

Saying of Anaxagoras, when told of the Death of his Son. Scio me genuisse Mortalem? Or tell you there is no resisting a Fatal Necesfity ?

SUCH Language might become a Heathen ; and might be well receiv'd by one that knew no better but this is a poor Argument to Engage the Submission and Resignation of a Christian, compared with the Nobler ones that our Religion furnishes us with,

WE are taught humbly to bow to the Sov’raignty and Dominion of

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the the Great God; as one that does all things according to the direction of Infinite Wisdom, and for the most Gracious Ends *: and in this ReSpect tho' he lay our Relations dead at our Feet ; or remove them far away out of our Sight ; thobe should strip us of all our Worldly Enjoyments, yea, tho he should Šlay us, yet we ought to Trust in him t.

THE Consideration of our Çovenant Dedication of our selves, and all that we have to God, in and throour Lord Jesus Christ; should surely Silence all our Complaints; and overcome all our Uneasinesses, under the greatest Losses. It becomes us with the Pfalmift to be Dumb, and not open our Mouths ; because

* Rom. viii. 28. + Job xiii. 15.


God does it * : Or with Him we pretend to be the Followers of, when we have the bitterest Cup put in our Hands to say, Father not my Will, but thine be done t.

I hope you

If a Friend should make you an offer of something very valuable ; and upon your accepting it, should begin to vex and grieve for his Loss, you would presently conclude he did not Design what he said ; will not behave your selves under the prefent Providence, as those that have gone to a Sacramental Table all their days, only to Complement God with the repeated Proffer of that which you never meant to give up to him : but now you are called with Abraham ; that wonderful Believer !

* Pfal. xxxix. 9. + Luke xxii. 42.

is the way

to offer up your. Son, (yet not your only Son) it is your Duty to be obedient to the Heavenly Call. And..a Hearty Submission to the Appointment of the Great Lord; a Resigning of that Willingly ; which other-wise is gone of Necessity; is the to turn a Loss into an acceptable Sa crifice. Take the Patient Man for an Example in this case; and say as he did when he had ten Children killed at once by a Whilwind


The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord *. Thus we should bless a Taking as well as a Giving God.

MOREOVER we have in the Gospel the clearest account of a Fu

* Job i. 21


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