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I AM truly griev'd for Heart Sins : that notwithstanding all that God has done for me, and in me, I have yet fo vile and sinful; so treacherous and deceitfül a Heart.

I WOULD fain live more by Faith, and less by Sight ; but alas ! so weak and vain am 1'; that when the World seems to smile upon me, I am apr to bę for: getful of God, and my Duty; or else to distrust his Providence, and grow impatient, if crossed and disappointed. When I am under Affliction, I am ready to murmur : and be too much caft down with every little Uneasiness.

WHEN I look to Futurity, I find a strange sollicitousness about what may befall me ; and dare scarcely trust my self into the Hands of God; though he has al. ways been Merciful to me, and is the only Preserver of my Comfort, and my Life.

I AM sorry that in all things I do in the World, I can bring no more Honour to



the Name of God, and the Religion I profess. "NOTWITHSTANDING all the Imperfections I labour under, and all the Crosses which ever I have met with ; nors withstanding all the Hardships and Diffi. culties I ever found in the performance of my Duty, yet I never saw the least reason to repent of the Choice I have made: but can readily subscribe to those words of the Psalmist, Happy is the People whoje ime God is the Lord.

WHEN we are in Difficulties God is the wisest Director ; when in Affliction the most suitable Helper ; when in Troubles the most safe and speedy. Deliverer ; when in Doubts the most sure and kind Resolver : when in Sorrows and Distress the chief, the best, the only Comforter. Tho? Sorrow may sometimes continue for a Night, yet Joy breaks out with the


I WOULD not now be in an unconverted State for a Thousand Worlds.

IT :

. IT is, O Lord! by thy Grace that I am what I am: it is by that Grace I have been preserv’d hitherto ; and my Dependance is only, and entirely upon Thee, for further strengthning, and preserving Grace. Grant me the Guidance; Direction, and Assistances of thy Blessed Spirit, to enable me to resist all Satan's Temptations : to preserve me from falling for the time to come: and to enable me to finish my Course with Joy, and Triumph.

BY thy Grace I hope to be sav'd at last, thro' the Merirs, and Mediation of my Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ. In his Righteousness I delire to appear before thee. In him alone I desire to be found, and hope for Acceptance, and Glory in the World above. Thus I place my Dependance wholly upon Thee; repose my Confidence, and Trust in Thee ; and all my Expectation is from Thee, both in this world, and that which is to come.

O NEVER, never leave me, nos forsake me! but let me have thy encouraging protecting Presence, while on Earth; and whenever thou shalt see meet to call


me hence, may I be admitted into thine immediate Beatifying Presence in Heaven: and to the blissful Fruition of thy self for ever. Grant that I may so live now, as that when the Sound of the last Trumpet shall raise the Dead; and when I shall see my Lord coming in the Clouds of Heaven ; I may be amongst the number of those that shall go forth with Joy to meet him : and fo may be for ever with the Lord : Where I fhall spend a whole Eternity, with the Company of the Glorify'd Saints in perpetual Raptures and Extasies: Singing loud Anthems of Praife and Adoration to thee for thy Redeeming Love and Mercy; thy unparallelld unfocakable Grace and Goodness to loft undone Sinners.

To God the Father, Son and Holy Gholt,

be all Honour and Glory for ever and ever. Amen..


BOOKS Printed for Whatroff Boulter,

at the Angel and Bible in the Poultry. L A Funeral Sernion occasion'd by the Death

A of Mr. Caleb. Head, who Died November 19th. 1707. To which is added an Account of his Conversion, and Early Piety. With his after Remarks and Observations, taken out of his own Manuscripts.

A Funeral Sermon occasion'd by the Death of the Reverend Mr. S. Slaughter, late Minister of the Gospel in London. By William Torg. 410.

· A Funeral Sernion occasion'd by the Death of the Reverend Mr. Francis Glafcock, late Minister of the Gospel in London. By William Tong. Quar10.

Chrift the Refurre&tion and the Life: A Funeral Sermon on the much lamented Death of the most Serene and most Potent Princess Sophia. Charlotta, Daughter of the most Serene Electoral House of Brunswick and Lunenburg, &c. and late Queen of Prusia, of Glorious Memory. Preach'd the first Sunday after the Solemnization of the Royal Funeral at Berlin, to the Prusian Congregation in the Savoy. By F. F. Cæfar, Chaplain to the King of Prussia. Ouario.

A Treatise of the Roman Jubilce, or an ACcount of the Popish Indulgences, Translated from the French with some Additions. Quarto.

The Plausible Plea filenc'd: A Sermon preach'd at the Visitation lield by the Reverend Thomas


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