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The Character and Qualifications of a good Magistrate.

E X O D. xvin. 21.

Thou shalt provide out of all the People . able Men, such as fear God, Men of Truth, hating Covetousness; and place such over them to be Rulers of Thousands, and Rulers of Hundreds, Rulers of Ftfties, and Rulers of Tens. P. 408.


The Religious and Loyal Subjects Duty considered, with Regard to the present Government and the Revolution.

PROV. xxiv. 21.

My Son, fear thou the Lord, and the King: and meddle not with them that are given to change. P. 430.


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SE RM 0 N I.

The gradual Advances of
Religious Knowledge.

ISAIAH xi. o. the latter Part.
The Earth Jhall be full of the Knowledge
of the Lord, as the Waters cover the

WHEN Man was first created, ^~~
there was infus'd into him a j.
divine Principle of Knowledge, —-y:-!
by the Direction of which he might at-
tain to that State of Perfection and Im-
mortality to which he was design'd. This
inestimable Grace he quickly forfeited by-
thirsting after prohibited Knowledge, the
Fruit of which was Death to himself and
to his Posterity.

That the whole Race of Mankind might not be irrecoverably lost for want

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