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SE R M 0 N VI.

Of the Exaltation of

PHIL. II. p, 10, H.

Wherefore God also hath highly exalted

him, and given him a Name which is

above every Name: That at the Name of Jesus every Knee

fiould bow, of Things in Heaven,. and

Things in Earth, and Things under

the Earth; \4nd that every Tongue Jhould confess, that

Jesus Christ is Lord, to the Glory of

God the Father.

TH E Principal Objection which the
Jews had against our Saviour, and

upon which they mainly relied, to justify

their obstinate Infidelity, was the low- •

and suffering Condition in which he chose !3* to appear during his Abode upon Earth. — vlLHence they argued, that he did not answer the glorious Characters and Descriptions which the antient Prophets had given of the Messiah; and that therefore he was to be rejected, and treated as an Impostor,.

And indeed it is undeniable, that there was promised to the People of God a Messiah, Upon whose Shoulder the Go- if ;x. 6, merriment should be; and whose Name 7. Jhould be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Teace. Os the Increase of 'whose Government and Peace there should be no Etid, upon the Throne of David and upon his Kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with Judgment- and with Justice for. ever. The Rod of whose Ps Power should be sent out of Eton, and who should be Ruler in the midst of his JEnemies. Unto whom Jljould be given E>ail Dominion and Glory and a Kingdom, that 14.


ex. 14


~. f all People, Nations and Languages should

T/t*' feroe ^'m» ^°fe XyominidH jhould be an *__ everlasting Dominion, which Jhould not pass away, and his Kingdom that which Jhould not be destroy*d. ——— These and other Passages in the Prophets to the like Purpose, misunderstood, had rais'd in the Jews an Expectation of a mighty temporal Prince, who should break ebe Roman Yoke from off their Neck, extend his Conquests to the utmost Comers of the Earth, and reduce all Nations to be Servants and Tributaries to him. It was doubtless the Byass of their own carnal and worldly Minds, an eager Desire of Riches and Honours that carried them to embrace this Interpretation; since it was utterly inconsistent with the plain Meaning of other Texts in the Prophets (too many and too long to be here recited,) which clearly foretold that the Messiah should be a Person of obscure and mean Condition in the World j that he should meet with very contemptuous and despiteful Usage, with many Troubles and

• Sor*

Sorrows; to all which at length a Period ''' should be put by an unnatural and pain- !JL *

ful Death. —v-^

To reconcile this Contradiction some learned Jews fancied that there should be two Messiahs; one that should be despis'd, persecuted and slain; and another, that should reign and triumph. Whereas it is manifest from the whole Tenor of the Prophecies, diligently considered and compar'd together, and particularly from the tind Chapter of Isaiah, That the fame Person was to suffer and to triumph; That he was first to suffer, and afterwards, in Consideration of his Sufferings, to be rais'd to high Honours, and all his Enterprizes to be crown'd with Success and Victory.

But the Generality of the Jews, and among them our Lord*s own Disciples, quite overlook'd those Predictions which related to the Sufferings of their Messiah. The bright Side of the Prophecies, which, as they imagined, gave them a Prospect of rising to very honourable and profitable Preferments, and of domineering;

—— over, the rest of the World, had so Vj • dazzled their Eyes, that the black and

^-.^'^dark Side of the Predictions was not visible ;to them, n ..'..

This fame Leaven of Pride and Ambition, set on working by the same groundless Expectation of the temporal Grandeur and Power of the Messiah, had so- swelled and blowed up the Apostles themselves, that, as despicable a Figure as their Master and they then

^ eix" made, they quarrell'd among themselves which of -them should be greatest.- And the two Sons of Zebedee in particular petitioned their Lord, That they might fit, the one on his right Handy and the other on his left, in his Kingdom; At which the Ten were moved with Indignation. And tho' our Lord, on purpose to discountenance and beat down this aspiring Spirit in his Disciples, and to root out of their Minds that Opinion which nourish'd and fomented it, had told them over and over in as plain and express Terms as a Man could use, That he.fiould be delivered unto the Qentilei>


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