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Our Lord having taken Possession of the Heavenly Inheritance for us, as our Representative; our Title to those Blessed Mansions is as sure to us, as if we our selves were UT actual Possession *>f them. Those everlasting Doors which lifted up their Heads that the King of Glory might come in, will certainly stand open to his Retinue, even to all true Believers; who may be well as. lured not only that they fliall be admitted, but also that the Time of their Admission draws nigh; that Christ will speedily accomplish the dumber of hi$ El?ct, and hasten their perfect Constun* •mation in Blrls both in Body and Soul. For if the first Fruits be already ripen'd and consecrated to God, we may safely conclude that the Season of full Harvest is approaching; if the Head be already glorified, all the Members also shall e^e rejoyce and triumph; if the Forerunner

runner be already enter'd, -we, for/whom >«"-■"■.. he prepared the Way, mall in due Time S^RM' follow after him.

Wherefore we ought to get ourselves in a Readiness, and to quicken our Preparations for another State; mortifying pur Members which are upon the Earth, and seeking the Things that are Above, where Christ sitteth at the right Hand of God; laying aside every "Weight, and frequently ascending thither in Heart and Mind, that hereafter we may continually dwell there, and joyn with the Heavenly Host in everlasting Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving to the Lamb that was slain, and is judged Worthy to receive Power and Riches, and Wisdom and Strength, qad Honour and Glory and Blessing. .h'.&b Him therefore, with the Father And the Holy Ghost, Three Persons and Gne.Gadfz\l these be ascribed both now anchfer evermore. • ,.-.' ;;=;.-' --..: -..•.

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Being the Substance of TWO SERMONS on that Subject.

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i COR. xv. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28.

Then comcth the End, ivfjen he stall have deliver d.up the Kingdom to God, even the Father ', when he stall have put down all Rule, and all Authority and Pæwef. For he must reign, till be hath put all Enemies under his Feet.' The last Enemy that stall be destroyed, is Death. For he hath put all Things under his Fect.^ But when he faith all Things are put under Him, it is manifest that He is excepted which did put


all Things under Him. And when all Things /hall he subdued unto Him, then Jhall the Son al/o him/elf bejubjedl unto Hiip that put all -Things under Htmf that God may be all in alii. ,. . ,4"-

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HE Intention of the Apostle in.

these Words is to prove the Ger- Serm. tainty, of a future Resurrection. And vii,vni ihi$ he docs by citing a Passage from the~"'v cxth Psalm, in which God engages to support the Kingdom of the Messiah, until all his Enemies shall be put under his Feet j of which Enemies one is Death. From these Premises naturally follows this Conclusion, That Death, tho' the last Enemy that shall be destroys shall however be destroy'd at last, and its Captives mail be set free, and translated into a State. of Incorruption and Immortality^. . '.. .". "''..- \. ,- "."

This Is evidently the main Design of tfte Apostle in these,Words, But it Is evident top, that he had in this Place ipme other Design in View, and that he


———-intended by the Way to instruct ft? Serm. gorinffcans m fome otncr poistt of Doc


, - *-. trine besides that of the Resurrection. What that Doctrine is, seems no easy matter to determine; nor have Commentators as yet given so satisfactory an Account of it, but that it may still be juftly esteem'd ope of those Things in St. Pdul*a Epistles which are hard to be under? stood.-

'it shall be my Business in the following Discourse: First, To lay before yoa several Interpretations of these WordSj which are liable to such Objections as seem not capable of a clear and just AnW swer. And,"

^ Secondly, Tb propose that which''? think to be the - true Meaning of the Place ;' and to state, as clearly and rtfi£ tinctly as I am able, the Doctrine here

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