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« this Answer of those, who are not wil

Serm. tf j- to ^-erve many LordS. who there

_' "sore are content with the Lord Jesus "Christ, who traineth up under himself «* those who serve him; that being train*« ed up he may deliver them, being «« become a Kingdom worthy of God, '*' to God even the Father j who also "ieperate and break off themselves from «« those who are Aliens from the Com*' monwealth of God, and Strangers from «« his Covenants, that they may be Citi«s zens of the Heavenly State, coming "unto the Living God, and to the City "of God, to the Heavenly Jerusalem, ** and to Myriads of Angels, and to the «* General Assembly and Church of the *' Fist-born who are enrolled in Heaven." Here we fee Origen plainly speaks of Delivering a Kingdom to the Father; by which Kingdom it is evident he means thole Persons, who withdrawing themselves from the Service of Satan, become the Subjects of God, and Members of the Heavenly Commonwealth; those who will not serve two Masters, but are content tent with one Lord Jesus Christ, and are

trained up under him; or, to use St.Paul's E own Language immediately before my _.,_T. Text, those that are Christ's; for, faith he, Every Man shall be made Alive m his own Order, Christ the First-Fruits, afterwards they that are Christ's at his Coming. Then cometh the End, when he shall deliver the K-ingdom to the God and Father.

According to the usual Language of Scripture, Heaven is the Habitation of God, and there too is the City to which his Subjects do belong. And this World and its Inhabitants are frequently represented as under the Dominion of the Devil. For he is called the God of this World, The Prince of this World, The Prince of the Power of the Air, * The Prince of the Time of Unrighteousness, The Spirit that Worketh in the Children of Disobedience, And the whole World, faith St. John, is subject unto the evil One. Those who are gained over from the Power of Satan unto God, are not P 3 immer. ~T-—— immediately removed unto the Cky of

'Barn. Epist. 18.

God: * but fqr a Time sojourn here far

Vn Viii

__.' from their own City, in the Dominions of the Usurper, who is an Enemy to their King, and a Persecutor of all who own themselves to be his Subjects. And here they are trained up by the Son of God to all Virtue and Purity, that they may be qualified at length to ert

Rev.xxi. ter into that City, into which nothing 37' that defileth can enter. When they depart this Life they are under the Dominion of Death; their Bodies are detain'd in the Grave, and their Spirits in the invisible Habitation of feperate Souls, until the Time of the Resurrection. When Jesus Christ shall open the Graves, and burst asunder the Gates of Hades, and set at Liberty the Prisoners of Hope $ and having clothed them with Immortality, shall translate them entire to Heaven the Place of God's Residence, and present them unto his Father holy and, undented, glorious and incorruptible, a Kingdom worthy of God j and shall lodge them in the Mansions prepared for — *

lodge * Jlernrs Sim. i. •

them, where they shall live in the Pre- ^ ^ fence of their King to all Eternity. _.\ m

But from hence it cannot be argued that Jesus Christ mall then cease to rule over them; they may continue to be subject to him, notwithstanding their Translation to the Place where the most High God dwelleth. As when God brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt to himself, that is to Mount Sinai the Hill in which he dwelt, that they might be to him a Kingdom of Priests, and an holy Nation; they were delivers indeed from Pharaoh and his Officers, but were subject to the Authority of Moses and Aaron, and of the Heads of their Tribes and Families.

There shall indeed be this great Difference between the future State and this, That whereas in this World God hath been wont to manifest himself by his Son and his Spirit, (for God himself no Man hath seen at any time) In the other World God shall make an imme* <Jiate Manifestation of himself to his Saints, P 4 who "T who ihall see him as he is, and behold

him Face to Face: and so the chief


_^ Happiness of that State consisting in the

Vision of God, shall be derived immediately from God himself. But this does not prove, as some have imagined, that Jesus Christ shall no longer rule in Subordination to his Father. It hath been an antient Opinion, ior which there is Ground in the sacred Writings, That the Martyrs are soon after Death admitted into the Presence of God and of Jesus Christ. But none ever from hence inferr'd, that they are less subject to the Authority of Christ, than they were before they were admitted thither. Even the Angels who Day and Night encompass the Throne of the Almighty, those who stand in the Presence and continually behold the Face of our Heavenly Father, do at the same time bow the Knee to Jesus, and confess him to be their Lord. Wherein lies the Absurdity of supposing, that those who shall be introduced into Heaven, there to enjoy the Vision of God, shall continue to be subject to Himy


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