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and ever? Now all this Christ rftay d$ *ERM* without laying down his Royal Authon> injity: for since he is in every Thing subordinate to the Father, He subdueth all Things to the Father by subduing them unto himself, and the Kingdom is certainly in the Hands of the Father, when all aTe subject to Him whom the Father .hath appointed to reign under him.

That the Son's delivering the Kingdom to the Father, is meant in Opposition to the Continuance of Satan's Reign, and not of the Son's Reign appears from what immediately follows. For thus the Apostle's Discourse runs, Then cometh the End, when he shall deliver the Kingdom to the God and Father, when he .shall put down all Rule and all Authority and Power: Which latter Words may perhaps be added by way of Explication of the former; as if the Apostle had said, Then cometh the End, when the Son shall deliver the Kingdom to the God and Father, /. e. when he mail -put down all Rule and all Authority and Power that opposeth itself to the Father.

That the Son shall prevail over all who oppose him, David foretold when he said, The Lord said unto my Lord, ^ fit thou on my right Hand, until I make thy Foes thy Footstool. For he must reign, faith the Apostle, till he hath pot all Enemies under his Feet.

A N D if all Enemies shall be put under him, then it is certain that Death, which is one of his Enemies, shall be vanquish'd. The last Enemy that shall be destroy'd is Death. For David assures us again in the vnith Psalm, that he hath put all Things under his Feet. And as the Apostle argues in another Place, In that he put all Things under Uzb. u. him, he left nothingy~ that is not put un~ 8* der him. Nothing, but the Father himself; for lest any should so perversly interpret these.general Expressions as from them to infer, that the Father also shall be subject to the Son, our Apostle adds, But when he: faith all Things are put under him, it is manifest, common Sense will teach a Man, that He is excepted swhich did put all Things under him,

'. ♦ The

~-* "the Father by putting all Things 5eRM* under the Feet of the Son* shall not di


_ * yest himself of the Sovereign Power, nor lose any Authority which he now hath. For when all Things shall be subdued unto the Son, then shall even the Son himself be subject unto him that put all Things under him -, just as he was before all Things were put under him. * For the Apostle's Meaning cannot be, that he shall then begin to be subject to the Father j but his Meaning plainly is, That he shall then continue to be subject, that he shall then be no less subject to the Father than he is now. The Son even then when his Kingdom shall be fully established, and he shall be arrived to the highest Pitch of Power and Glory, when all his Enemies shall lick the Dust before him, and he shall receive the Worship of every Knee and of eyery Tongue, not setting up for himself, as Satan did, in Opposition to the Father j not claiming a co-ordinate Power with the Father, nor pretending to be in such

• Cyril Hierosol. Cat. 15.

a Sense equal with him, as not to be sub- —=—' ordiriate to him j but he ftiall be in all SlTM' Things obedient to his Father, and shall TM,vm upon all Occasions exercise his Authority according to the good Pleasure, and unto the Glory of him from whom he receiv'd it. And so notwithstanding the universal Extent of the Son's Empire, and the actual Subjection of all Things unto hirtij God the Father shall be all in all. He shall be acknowledged to be the original Fountain of all Authority and Power; and of all the Happiness which shall be enjoy'd by the Creatures. He shall be the One Supreme Monarch of the Universe, from whom all Good shall be derived, and to whom not only all those who are subject unto the Son, but even the Son himself the Lord of all shall yield due Obedience and Adoration.

So that in the Text are delivered

these three Points of Doctrine.

First, Tha T at the End of the World all the Enemies of God and of Christ, and particularly Death, shall be totally

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and finally subdued •, from whence may be cpncluded the Certainty of a future

— ^. Resurrection, which is the main Scope of

the Apostle's Discourse throughout this Chapter.

. Secondly, That after the Resurrection the Church shall be translated to the City of God, there to enjoy the beatific Vision. For this is the most antient Interpretation of Christ's Delivering the Kingdom to the Father. Tho' the other Sense which I gave of those Words, is not destitute of Support from the Authority of Antiquity, and is such as the Words will very naturally bear, and is moreover countenanc'd by the Words immediately following, and by the manner of Expression us'd in other Places of Scripture. However it is not very material which of the two Senses we embrace; because in the upshot they come much to the same.

Thirdly, That the Father ever continueth the most High King and Ruler


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