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-s Again, A s the Inspir'd Writers, when

Serm. tsley woui(j fet forth God's Strength and wuf Power to defend his People, and to destroy his Enemies, do usually style him the Living God, in opposition to dead Idols, who can neither help themselves nor their Worshippers: Ib when Life is attributed to Christ, thereby is meant a vigorous and powerful Life. And to fay, I knpw that my Redeemer liveth, is in effect to fay, I know that He liveth to protect and preserve me; That he is able to succour me in all Dangers, and to relieve me under all Necessities; That he is Mighty to rescue me from the jaws of Death, and to raise me even from the Grave; wherefore tho' he slay me, I will put my Trust in


But Christ could never have been our Redeemer, had he not afterwards liv'd a Life of Weakness and Infirmity -, had he not took Part of our Flesh and Blood, and been made like unto us his Brethren in all Things, Sin only excepted j that he might be capable of Suffer

ing for our Sins, and that Satisfaction

might be made in the fame Nature in 2^" which the Offence had been committed. __ '__^ And some Interpreters are of Opinion, that the Incarnation of Christ was what Job intended to intimate when he declar'd that his Redeemer should stand at the latter Day upon the Earth.

Others interpret these Words of his Coming to Judgment at the last Day. And it must be own'd, that this Interpretation of the Words is agreeable to the Context, and very pertinent and suitable to the Occasion on which they were spoke. For Job lying under the Pressure of many heavy Afflictions, and being upon that account cenfur'd as a grievous Sinner by his most intimate Friends, may well be fuppos'd to appeal from their uncharitable and unjust Sentence, to the Judgment of the All-knowing and most Righteous Judge of the whole Earth j and to support and comfort himself with this Consideration, that a Time would come, when the Disguise of the Hypocrite should be remov'd, and the AsperR a sions sions cast upon the injur'd Innocent

Serm. ^^ be wip,d off- and both the one

^ and the other should appear to the View

of Men and Angels in their true Colours j * that tho' in the Winter of this Life the green and the dry Trees seem to the Eye alike, yet there is a Spring, a Summer approaching, when they shall be clearly and easily distinguished } when a •remarkable and an everlasting Difference shall be put between the Righteous and the Wicked, to whom in this World one Event happeneth.

But this Clause may be, and by some is thus translated, He shall rise at i the latter Day upon the Earth; and then it manifestly points at our Lord's Resurrection from the Dead; without which all his Sufferings had been in vain, and of no Advantage to us. So St. Paid tells the Corinthians, If Christ be not raised your Faith is vain, ye are yet in your Sins. For tho' the Redemption of Man. kind was, together with the Sufferings of the Redeemer, finished on the Cross; yet in order to our reaping the Benefit of —

yet '* Hermas Lib. 3. Sim. 3, $.

it, it was absolutely necessary that he'

who died should live again, to represent ', to his Father the Merits of his Sufferings, to intercede for us in Virtue of them, and apply the Efficacy of them to us.

And as we had been without Hope if Christ had for ever continued under the Power of Death: so now that he is rais'd, we may safely banish all our Fears and Suspicions, and rejoyce in the Propped of a glorious Salvation. For if when we were Enemies, we were reconciled to God by the Death of his Son, much more being reconcil'd we shall be sav'd by his Life. Nor can we doubt but that God hath accepted the Satisfaction made for our Transgressions, that he hath blotted out the Hand-writing that was against us, and cancell'd our Debts, since he hath released Jesus our Surety and Representative; who was delivered for our Offences, and rais'd again for our Justification.

And not only for our Justification,

but that we being quickned after the

R 3 Pattern Pattern and by the Power of his Life,

S**M* might live also. For seeing Christ our __ Head liveth, we who are his Body cannot remain under the Power of Death; but the Life which he for ever enjoys must of Necessity be communicated to and diffus'd thro' all his Members. Nay so necessary is the Connexion between the Resurrection of Christ and our Rer surrection, that in St. Paul's Judgment it is perfectly absurd to deny the latter, while we confess the former. If Christ, fays he, fa preached that he rose from the Dead, how fay some among you that there is no RefurreBion of the Dead? But if there be no Resurrection of the Dead, then is Christ not risen.

Wherefore Job having profess'd his Belief of his Redeemer's Resurrection, might well be so confident as he was of his. own; notwithstanding the mighty Difficulties which he saw it clogg'd and encumbred with. For tho'he knew that Worms should destroy his Body, and that his Reins should be consum'd within him, yet was he fully assurM that this Consumption. of his vital


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