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pass'd that Trial, shall appear with the greater Lustre at the Resurrection; as Gold is made brighter by being purified in the Fire.

Secondly, The Belief and Expectation of a future Resurrection will fortify Us against the Fear of Death. For why should we be afraid of an Event which can do us no Hurt, of an Enemy already vanquish'd? The Resurrection of our Blessed Lord was a Demonstration that he had conquer'd Death, and a sure Hedge of the Victory which we in due Time shall thro' him gain over it. We fall indeed by its Power, but we fall in order to rife higher; and while we yield to its Stroke, we are more than Conquerors. It puts an End to a transitory State of Imperfection and Sorrow, which hardly deserves the Name of Life; but it opens us a Passage to a State of perfect: and perpetual Felicity; which when we shall have attain'd to, then shall we truly live. It shutteth our Eyes, and takes us from the Delight of them, our dearest Friends and Companions; but

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-——- those very Eyes which it closeth, shail ^.Mt again be open'd to see God, the Center

, . Y' of all Loveliness and Perfection,

Lastly, The Certainty of a future Resurrection strongly engages us to Holiness in all our Conversation, both as it proves the Necessity of it, and is a mighty Encouragement to it. For the Resurrection shall be a Privilege td those only who are sanctified. All shall partake of it, but they only shall reap Benefit from it, who before they dye a natural Death, rise from the Death of Sin to Newness of Life. Since then it is certain that we shall all rife to an eternal Life, surely it nearly concerns us to take effectual Care, that that Life may be a Life of Happiness, and not of Misery. If we have any Love for our selves, any Wisdom and Forecast, or any Spark of Ambition in us, we can need no other Incitement to all Virtue and Godliness than the Hope of Immortality. "Tis sufficient Encouragement for us not only to. persevere, but to make all possible Advances in the Work of the Lord, since


tve know that our Labour shall not be in ---'-—^---* Vain, and that the more we abound in *' that Work, the greater will be our Re- - ^ compence. For tho' we shall not be rewarded for any Merit in our Works, yet we shall be rewarded according to the Nature and Quality of them; and the Degrees of Happiness in the other World shall be proportioned to the Degrees of Holiness which we have attain'd in this. So that while we improve our Stock of Virtue, we are indeed increasing our Treasure in Heaven; and our Attainments in Grace will be rewarded with proportionable Degrees of Glory.

And as the Resurrection of the Body is a powerful Motive to Holiness and Virtue in general: so to Temperance and Purity in particular. Every pure Body, faith an Apostolical Writer [Hernias] shall receive its Reward, that is found without Spot, in which the Holy Spirit has been appointed to dwell. Wherefore keep this thy Body clean and pure, that the Spirit which shall dwell in it may bear Witness unto it, and be judg'd

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to have been with thee. Also take Heed that it be not instill'd into thy Mind that this Body perishes, and thou abuse it to any Lust. -^—- To the same Effect is the Exhortation of another Companion and Fellow-Labourer of the Apostles, in an Epistle to the Corinthians. Keep your Bodies pure, and your Seal without Spot, that ye may receive eternal Life. Consider, in what were ye sav'd, in what did ye look up, if not whilst ye were in this Flesh? We must therefore keep our Flesh as the Temple of God. For in like mariner as ye were called in the Flesh, ye. shall also come to Judgment in the

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God grant that zt that Judgment we all may be found free from any Blemish and Pollution; meet to converse with those who shall walk with Christ fa X white Raiment, and for ever to inhabit that City, into which nothing that d'ei 'fileth can enter; for the sake of Him who purified us unto himself a peculiar jeople, washing- us from our Sins irt his own Blood'."—— To whom, &Cc.

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A Discourse on Christian
slS,,; /Mysteries. ;7 n;

Ssing the Substance of TWO
-SERMONS on that Subjeel:-.;

}£;:-; ft '- • < - - -.- , . T ».'.,«

MAT. Xiii. ii.'"

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jfifo answered and said unto them, Because it is given un..... to you to know the Mysteries : n ..of the Kingdom of Heaven,

/AUR Lord having put forth to the

$c-/ Multitude the Parable of the Sow- Serm. £F, without expounding it to them; the *, ^1. Diseiples, in the Verse before my Text, v'1"~" ask him, saying, #^y Jpeakest thou unto tbenf. in Parables? i. e. in Parables unexplain'd. To. this Question our Lord

TiiCI / S 3 m*ke?

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