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fectly free from a worldly Disposition as —'

Christ was j or as perfectly one, as Jesus E ^. j

Christ and God the Father are; or that.L''

God loveth them as dearly as he loves his only Son; or that they can attain to that Perfection of Purity, of which Christ was a Pattern.

Again, Th E S E Words of our Saviour, I and my Father are one, (Jo. x. 30.) have by many been understood to signify, that Jesus Christ and his Father are one Person. - But the Context plainly distinguishes our Lord from the Father, and naturally leads to another Interpretation. For thus our Lord discourses in the Verses immediately foregoing; My Sheep hear my Voice, and I know them, and they follow me. And I give unto them eternal Life, and they fiall never perifi, neither fiall any pluck them out of my Hand. My Father which gave them me is greater than all; and none is able to pluck them out of my Father s Hand. I and my Father are one. That is, one by Consent and Agreement of Will, or one in Power, (the Father haX 3 ving ving communicated all Power to the Son)

serm- not one Person. For our Lord had just _' X_i' before said, that his Father gave him the Sheep; and He who giveth, is certainly a distinct Person from Him to whom he giveth. Two or more distinct Individuals are in Scripture frequently said to be one, by an Unity of Love and Concord, or by a figurative and mystical Unity. Thus Gal. iii. 28. Ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Rom. xii. 5. We being many, are one Body in Christ. 1 Cor. iii. 6, 8. I have planted, Apollo* watered.

— Now he that planteth, and he

that watereth are one; ABs iv. 3 a, Th« Multitude of them that believed, were of one Heart and of one Soul. 1. Corvi. 17. He that is joyned unto the Lord, is one Spirit. And our Lord himself declares, (Mat. xix. 6.) That a Man and his Wife are no more Twain, but one Flesh. And Jo. xvii. 22. He thus prays to his Father for Believers, That they may be one, even as we are one. It were easy to multiply Instances of this kind. This way of Speaking was common mon among the Jews, and well under- —

stood by all. And the Jews charged "'

our Blessed Saviour with Blasphemy., not _^ 1

(as some have imagined) for saying that He and the Father were one; but for calling God his Father; as is evident from our Lord's Answer before recited; in which he tells them, Not that He was the fame Individual with God the Father, but that the Father had sanctified Him, and sept Him into the World; upon which account He might without Blasphemy call Himself the Son of God,

Having now done with the three Particulars which I at first propos'd to speak to, I shall only add this one necessary Caution, That as it is our Duty to enquire diligently into those Things which God hath revealed to us: so we must be careful not to carry our Enquiries beyond the Bounds of Divine Revelation. Every Word of God is pure; we may not add to his Words, lest He reprove us, and we be found Liars. It is a high Degree of Folly to be Wife X 3 above. above what is written. For Scripture

* being the only Light we have in Matters

* . of Revelation, when we go beyond that,

we wander in the Dark, and must unavoidably fall into many Errors. And as it is very foolisti, so is it very presumptuous in us to pry into those Things - which God hath thought fit to conceal Deut. from us Secret Things belong; to God > 'but Things revealed, belong unto us and to our Children for ever. The Truths which God hath, revealed to us in the Holy Scriptures are the proper Subjects of our Enquiries, because it is in our Power to know them; and the Knowledge of them nearly concerns us, and surpasseth all Understanding. For it is prov. a Tree of Life to them that lay hold iii. 18. Upon it, and happy is every one that retaineth it.

Now to Him that is of Power to stablish us according to the Gospel, and the Preaching of Jesus Christ, (according to the Revelation of the Mystery which was kept secret since the World began, But now is made manifest, and by the

Scriptures of the Prophets according to ^}TM'

the Commandment of the Everlasting _' \

God, made known to all Nations for the
Obedience of Faith) To God only wife
be Glory thro' Jesus Christ for ever.

Xa Serm.

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