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which Year, in the Month Nisan, Jesus ~ Christ suffered Death upon the Cross; ^q," and by his Death took away the Guilt of—v— Sin, appeased the Wrath of God, and procured Justification for all believing Penitents; or, in the Language of the Angel, He finished Transgression, and made an End of Sins, and made Reconciliation for Iniquity, and brought hi everlasting Righteousness. At the fame Time all the Types and Prophecies which concern'd the Life, Suffering and Death of the Messiah, were punctually fulfilled; and so the Vision and Prophecy were sealed up. Moreover, Jesus Christ during his publick Ministry acted as a Prophet; at his Death he was consecrated a Priest for ever after the Order of Melchisedec; and after his Resurrection He enter'd upon his Kingly Office, and was invested with all Power in Heaven and in Earth j to all which high Functions He was anointed with the Holy Ghost, which the Father gave to Him without Measure; and so the most Holy was anointed.


— W E may farther observe, that the se

y., ' verity Weeks are by the Angel divided

i ^_l_into three distinct Periods, i.e. into seven Weeks, sixty two Weeks, and one Week.

The Seven Weeks, containing forty nine Years, are allotted for restoring "Jerusalem^ and building again the Street and the Wall; i. e. for the Settling and Reforming the Jewish Government in Church and State; which Work having met with much Opposition, was finished by Nehemiah, forty nine Years after it had been begun by Ezra.

T o these seven Weeks succeeds another Period of sixty two Weeks, or four hundred and thirty four Years j which will bring us down to the Time when "John the Baptist preached in the Wilderness, and prepared the Way of the Messiah. Our Lord himself hath warranted us to date the beginning of the Gospel from this Time; for, faith He, the Law and the Prophets were until John, and since that Time the Kingdom of God is preached. And so from the going forth

of of the Commandment to restore and build

again Jerusalem^ unto the Messiah the sermPrince, were seven Weeks and threescore _ and two Weeks.

The Se were followed by a third Period of one Week, or seven Years. The Ministry of John the Baptist continued three Years and a half of these seven j and during the remaining three Years and, a half, Jesus Christ in Person preached the Kingdom of Heaven, and invited' Men to embrace the Terms of the New Covenant; which Covenant he in the End of the seventh Year ratified with his Blood, which he filed for the Sins of Men. By his Death the Ceremonial Law was abolished, and the Sacrifices and Oblations commanded by it ceased to be of any farther Use; they having been instituted only as Types of that one available Sacrifice, which Christ offered to his Father upon the Altar of the Cross; himself being both the High-Priest, and the Lamb of God bearing the Sins of the World. And thus after seven Weeks and threescore and two Weeks, 7, e. in


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the last of the seventy Weeks, Messiah was cut off, but not for himself. And He eonfirm'd the Covenant with many for one Week; and in the half, the latter half of the Week, He caused the Sacrifice and Oblation to cease.

Not many Years after the Death of Christ, the Guilt of his innocent and sacred Blood drew on the Jews that terrible Vengeance, which God executed upon them by the Hands of the Romans, who fully verified those Words of the Prophecy, The People of the Prince that Jhall come Jhall destroy the City and the Sanctuary; and the End thereof (hall be with a Flood, and unto the End of the War Desolations are determined, and with the abominable Armies he stall make it desolate, even until the Consummation, and that determined stall be poured upon the Desolate.

The Prophet Haggai plainly declares, that the Messiah should make his Appearance in the second Temple; the very Foundations of which were, as the Jews themselves testify, torn up with a

PlowHow-shire, so that not one Stone was-

left upon another, above sixteen hundred -,«'

Years ago. This Prediction of Haggai

is in the second Chapter of his Prophecy at Verse 6, and it runs thus; Thus faith the Lord of Hosts, yet once, it is a little 'while, and I will/hake the Heavens, and the Earth, and the Sea, and the dry Land; and I will flake all Nations, and the Defire (or Expectation) of all Nations pall come, and I will fill this House with Glory, faith the Lord of Hosts. The Silver is mine, and the Gold is mine, faith the Lord of Hosts. The Glory of this latter House /hall be greater than of the former, faith the Lord of Hosts j and in this House will 1 give Peace, faith the Lord of Hosts.

B Y shaking the Heavens and the Earth and all Nations are signified those great Commotions and Revolutions in the Kingdoms of the World, which happen'd between the Time of this Prophecy and the Nativity of our Saviour. For in that Interval of Time the Persian Empire was suddenly overthrown by the Y Gre.cians;

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