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—. -hope to ingratiate themselves with the

Serm. pe0pie 0f the Jews, who were notorious HI, IV. for t^j. 2ealous Adherence to the Rites and Cef eraonies of the Mosaic Law, which the Law of Jesus abrogated, and who were known to look for a Messiah, who should be a mighty temporal Prince, and free them from the Roman Yoke; not one who should erect a spiritual Kingdom, into which all who would enter must renounce this present World, and wait till the next for their Recompence. They could not think to recommend themselves to the Gentiles, whether Romans, Greeks or Barbarians, because the Religion which was to be set up by means of this Testimony condemn'd, and was design'd to take away, all their erroneous Doctrines and vicious Practices, all the idolatrous Worship and the various Species of Superstition that reigned among them; all their unlawful Arts and Occupations, all their impure Sports and Spectacles, all their Pomps and Vanities, to which the Generality of the Heathen World were very strongly addicted, dieted, to which many among them dw'd •*•«--'"* their Honours and Dignities and Repu-J^ERM* tatioa, and upon which Millions depen- ]_' J^ ded for their Subsistence: • .

The Apostles therefore could Hot propose to themselves any worldly Gain, or Advancement by bearing their Testimony 5 they could look for no other than to be great Sufferers by it j as it is clear all must be, who will be so hardy as to set themselves to oppose the darling Notions and receiv'd Usages, the Vices, Inclinations and Interests of all Men living.

And it is certain, that the Apostles were before-hand appriz'd that a faithful Discharge of their Duty in this Particular would expose them to hard and injurious Treatment. Their Lord had plainly foretold to them that in the World they Jhould have Tribulation; that they Jhould be persecutedfrom City to City) and be hated of all Nations j that they JJjould be brought before Kings and Rulers j be J'courgd and imprisoned, and delivered up to Death for his Name's fake; and that they -who Allied them Jhould think they did God G a Service. r—— Strvice( This he required as a necessary.

liny Conditicin of a11 who listed themselves m ^^..Jhis Service.- If any one will come after ^—^ me, let him deny himself, and take up hit Cross daily and follow me. If any one come to me, and hate not his Father and Mother, and Wife and Children, and Brethren and Sisters, yea and his own Life also, he cannot be my Disciple. And •whosoever he be of you that forfaketh not all that he hath, be cannot be my Disciple, Accordingly St. Paul declares, That God had set forth the Apostles last, as Men appointed unto Death j and that the Holy Ghost witnessed in every City that Bonds and Afflictions did abide him. The fame Forewarning which Christ gave to hi$. Disciples, They very plainly and honestly gave to their Followers also. We must thro' much Tribulation (faith St. JFW) enter into the Kingdom of God. The TkeJJ'alonians he exhorts not to be moto'd. by these Afflictions} for your Selves know, faith he, that we are appointed thereunto. For verily when we were with you, we told you before that we should fuf er Tri* , . - - btdation;

yrtbH^^: - "''-.."-iS-.y"- -'- --'-- . - -r" .—,7^'— ouiation; even as it came to pass, aha

ye know. St. James also thus encourages j,lKf?y. the yews of the Dispersion, Take, my _' _^ Brethren, the Prophets for an Example %..sufser*ni Affliction and of 'Patience. For even hereunto were ye called, faith Si. Peter, because Christ also suffered for t{S^. leaving us an Example, that ye should follow his Steps. And in another Place, Think it not strange concerning the fiery Trial, which is to try you. Surely Seducers are not wont to set out with such Views and Apprehensions, nor to persuade their Hearers by such Arguments as" these. Surely this is, not the Voice of Impostors to entice Men over to their Party.

The Event fully answer'd the Predictions of our Saviour, and the Apostle's owri" Expectations. From the Moment ttitV enteir'd upon the Province. allotted td~tnem, they were treated as the Refuse ana Scum'oT Mankind; as the Filth of the World, and as the Off-souring of all Thing's; with Contempt, Reproach and Hat*e*d; with Scoffs and Ignominy, with the

G 3 most

~- -/-"— most shameful. and barbarous Indignities.

Tlf^TV ^onc^s an^ stripes and Imprisonments;

l ,y _ Banishments and Loft of all Things,' Hardships and Sufferings of all Kinds, even to Extremities, and Death itself, were their Portion. Nor were they dismay'd by the Apprehensions of approaching Tryals, nor dejected by the Sense of present Evils. In expecting them they yielded not to Fear, and in bearing them they were more than Cenquerors. They profefVd, and it was visible-to those who were -nearest to them that they truly profef&'d,. that none of these Things mov'd them', neither counted they their Lives dear unfo- themselves, so that they might finijh their Course with Joy, and ths Ministry which they had receiv'd of the Lord JefuSy to testify the Gospel of the Grace of God. They rejoyc d that they were thought worthy to suffer for his Name's Jakey and gloried in Tribulations. Under all Discouragements and Distresses, with great Power gave they Witness of the ResurrcBjon of the Lord; and neither by apy Terrors o* Violence could be


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