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"| yH E Author of the follow* -*- ing Discourses was born in the City of Canterbury, and educated in the Grainmar School there, founded by ILingHenry the 8th Being thoroughly instructed in the Learned Languages, and such other Parts of Literature as are usually taught in those publick Seminaries to the best Advantage; He removed to

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that Celebrated House of Learning Christ-Church in the University of Oxford. His eldest * Brother was at that Time an eminent Tutor there; under whole Care he was admitted a Commoner in the Year 1707. As his Natural Endowments were .good., and his Industry very greats He soon made a considerable Improvement in the whole Circle of Human Learning. Having taken two Degrees: in Arts, and being ordained a Deacon A. sD. 1714., he returned to his Native City; ♦ where., his ill Health not permitting

* The Rev.. Thomas Terry. afterwards D, D.J Canon of Christ Church. and King's Professor of Crteji in the University of Oxford.

mitting him to engage in any Parochial Cure, he pass'd the nine, following Years in great Retirement. But during that Interval his Time was most usefully employ'd in such Studies as are requisite to form the Character of a Compleat Divine; I mean the Holy Scriptures, and the Writings of the Primitive Fathers, with which he was much conversant; as indeed he could read them in their Original Languages with equal Ease and Pleasure. In the Year 1713 he was ordain'd Priest, and officiated at Chartham near Canterbury the remainder of that and the two following Years.


Iftthc Year i*j%$ he was, without any Af>pticati6n Of his own, jfreffented to the Rectory of Iron-, Æ&n in the l>iocese of Gloucester•;. but this he fitted in the end of the Year 17^^ upon being collated to the United Eiriftgs of St. Mary Bredmafi and St. Andrew in the City of Cdntetbury. After a long and gradual Decay of Nature, he depitted this Life Ztec. 9th, i*f44> ill the jf^th Year of his Age. He was a Person of unaffected fiety, great Probity and strict Virtue. It is well known to all who remember him with what Fidelity he discharge the Duties of the Pa£

toral toral Office whilst his Health permitted him, and how universally he had acquir'd the Character of a solid and useful Preacher. And it is chiefly in Compliance with %h$ Request of several who heard them, that these Discourses are now offered to the Publics; tp which per* haps more may be acjded, if these meet with a favourable Reception.

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