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2. “I am Sir

And when I ope my lips, let no dog bark!”

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“Past all shame, so past all truth.”


4. “So stately his form, and so lovely her face, That never a hall such a galliard did


5. “This lovely world, the hills, the sward,

They all look fresh, as if our Lord
But had finished them.

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Two Poets.


“No voice in the chambers,

No sound in the hall !
Sleep and oblivion

Reign over all.”

2. “ Lay her ithe earth ;

And from her fair and unpolluted flesh
May violets spring.”


“Lo! where it comes like an eternity,

As if to sweep down all things in its track."


“ The peerless in might,
Whose banners arise on the battlements'



“She has visions and strange dreams,
And in all her words and ways she seems
Much older than she is in truth."

6. “Yes, he is growing old,

And his eye is pale and bleared ;
Death, with frosty hand and cold,

Plucks the old man by the beard.”


“ Beshrew me! but I do love her heartily.”

“ Who are you? tell me for more certainty ;

Albeit, I'll swear I do know your tongue.”

1. “For, hid in ringlets day and night,

I'd touch her neck so warm and white."

2. “Sweet nymph of the hill,

Of the dell, and deep-sounding shelves.”


“ Leave languid youths to pine

On silken pillows;

But be the billows
Of the great deep thine."

4. “ His breast was bare, his matted hair

Was buried in the sand;
Again, in the mist and shadow of sleep,

He saw his native land.”

5. “I love, and hate her: for she's fair and

royal, And that she hath all courtly parts more

exquisite T'han lady, ladies, woman ; from every one The best she hath, and she, of all com

pounded, Outsells them all.”

6. “I would I were invisible, to catch the

strong fellow by the leg.”


“I pray, my lord, that none but I may go ; For I made promise to the queen, your

consort, long ago, That ere the war should have an end, I,

for her royal charms, And for my duty to her grace, would show some feat of arms."

F. S.


“« Thou art a fond, fantastic boy—”

“ A knight in plate and mail array'd,

His crest and bearing worn and fray'd."


6. He will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with

And pay no worship to the


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Still govern


my song and fit audience find, tho' few."

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“Once famed for courage, still in council



“On him alone was the doom of pain

From the morning of his birth :
On him alone the curse of Cain
Fell, like a flail in the garnered grain,

And struck him to the earth.”

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