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WHEN the soft breath of Spring goes forth
Far o'er the mountains of the North,
How soon those wastes of dazzling snow
With life, and bloom, and beauty glow !

Then bursts the verdure of the plains, Then break the streams from icy chains; And the glad reindeer seeks no more Amidst deep snows his mossy store.

Then the dark pine-wood's boughs are seen
Fringed tenderly with living green;
And roses, in their brightest dyes,
By Lapland's founts and lakes arise.

Thus, in a moment, from the gloom
And the cold fetters of the tomb,
Thus shall the blest Redeemer's voice
Call forth his servants to rejoice.

For He, whose word is truth, hath said,
His power to life shall wake the dead,
And summon those he loves on high,
To " put on immortality!”

Then, all its transient sufferings o'er,
On wings of light the soul shall soar,
Exulting, to that blest abode
Where tears of sorrow never flow'd.


“Praise ye the Lord. Praise ye the Lord from the heavens:

praise him in the heights."



the Lord ! on every height Songs to his glory raise ! Ye angel-hosts, ye stars of night,

Join in immortal praise !

O heaven of heavens ! let praise far-swelling

From all thine orbs be sent !
Join in the strain, ye waters ! dwelling

Above the firmament !

For His the word which gave you birth,

And majesty and might :
Praise to the Highest from the earth,

And let the deeps unite !

O fire and vapour, hail and snow!

Ye servants of His will;
O stormy winds! that only blow

His mandates to fulfil;

Mountains and rocks, to heaven that rise!

Fair cedars of the wood!
Creatures of life that wing the skies,

Or track the plains for food!

Judges of nations ! kings, whose hand

Waves the proud sceptre high!

O youths and virgins of the land !

O age and infancy!


ye His name, to whom alone All homage should be given; Whose glory, from the eternal throne

Spreads wide o’er earth and heaven!

[blocks in formation]

SCENE I.-Before the gates of a City in Palestine. URBAN, PRIESTS, CITIZENS, at the gates. Others

looking from the walls above.
Urb. (to a CITIZEN on the walls above.)
You see their lances glistening? You can tell
The way they take ?

Cit. Not yet. Their march is slow; They have not reach'd the jutting cliff, where first The mountain-path divides.

Urb. And now?

Cit. The wood Shuts o'er their track. Now spears are flashing outIt is the banner of De Chatillon,

(Very slow and mournful military music without.) This way! they come this way!

Urb. All holy saints Grant that they pass us not ! Those martial sounds Have a strange tone of sadness! Hark, they swell Proudly, yet full of sorrow. RAINIER DE CHATILLON enters with knights,

soldiers, &c.

Welcome, knights!
Ye bring us timely aid! men's hearts were full
Of doubt and terror. Brave De Chatillon !
True soldier of the Cross ! I welcome thee;
I greet thee with all blessing! Where thou art
There is deliverance !

Rai. (bending to receive the Priest's blessing.)
Holy man,

From a lost battle.

Urb. And thou bring'st the heart
Whose spirit yields not to defeat.

Rai. I bring
My father's bier.

Urb. His bier! I marvel not
To see your brow thus darken'd ! And he died,
As he had lived, in arms ?


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