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169 TENERIFFE. (2nd Tune.)


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FATHER, Who hast kept us safe O Holy Spirit! guide us now
Throughout the long dark night,

Along the Heavenward way,
Receive Thy children's grateful praise And grant us by Thy grace to live
For day's returning light;

More nearly as we pray ; Grant us to please Thee, LORD, to-day Let Thy sweet will by us be done In all we do, or think, or say.

As by the Angels round Thy Throne. Dear JESUS, once a child like us,

O Trinity of Love Divine ! Thy wayward children keep,

All praise to Thee we give, Teach us to know Thy blessed Voice, I From Thee all gifts and blessings flow, And follow as Thy sheep :

By Thee alone we live : For meek, obedient, pure like Thee,

O let our lives Thy praise express, The lambs of Thine own Fold should be. ! And fill our hearts with thankfulness !

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Copyright, by permission, from "Church Militant Hymn Book" (Mowbray).

[Alternative Tune No. 281.]

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* These slurs will be required in second verse. LOLY Father, through the night

Make us pure and free from sin. I Thou hast kept us in Thy sight, | Guide us by Thy mighty power, Guarded us from hurtful things

Keep us safe in danger's hour. 'Neath the shadow of Thy wings. We come to thank Thee for our sleep,

All the day Thy Holy Eye And pray Thee still Thy Lambs to keep.

Rests on us continually,

We can serve and please Thee too, All the long bright hours of day,

By the things we say and do : In our work and in our play,

() grant that morning, noon, and night, Let Thy Spirit reign within,

We may be holy in Thy sight. Amen.

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[Alternative Tune No. 169.]
ORD, from the dangers of the night Give me in all I do or say-
L Thou hast protected me,

Thy Holy Spirit's aid, I pray.
And now in day's returning iight
I humbly offer Thee

My faith, my fervour, LORD, increase, My thanks for night's refreshing rest,

May I Thy Presence feel, And sleep with which I have been blest.

And grant that wandering thoughts may In acts of love for Thee and Thine

cease O may I spend this day,

When at Thy Throne I kneel. Seeking to do Thy will, not mine,

Thy grace, Thy pardon, I implore, Thy precepts to obey,

Thy help and guidance evermore. Amen. 220

173 LAVANT. P.M.

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JESUS, Saviour dear,
U The night has passed away,
Once more we wake to praise Thy Name,

And thank Thee for the day ;
We thank Thee for the hours

In which we peaceful slept :
What could we fear? If Thou art near
We must be safely kept.

And Thou art ever near,

Both when we wake or sleep ;
O JESUS, Saviour dear,

Thy faithful children keep
We pray Thee, dearest LORD,

Be with us through the day ;
Help us in everything we do,

In all we think and say ;

Keep us from evil ways,
Make Thou our steps secure ;
No ill can harm, if Thy strong Arm
Doth guard us safe and sure.

And Thou art ever near, etc.
We know, O LORD, that Thou

Wast once as young as we ;
O make us kind and merciful,

And true and brave like Thee.
So may we follow here

The pattern Thou hast given ;
May our feet tread where Thine have led,
The blessed path to Heaven.
And Thou art ever near, etc.


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