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211 S. NINIAN. D. 1-2-be

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[Alternative Tunes Nos. 160, 195.] CHRIST is our King and Master,

Our hands must labour for Thee,
U He died to set us free;

And do the good they can,
To shew us how He loved us

Our feet tread in Thy footprint,

O Holy Son of Man.
He bled on Calvary.

'We hail Thee, etc.
We hail Thee, blessed JESUS,

Crowns wait for us in Heaven,
Our King and Saviour too;

And shining harps of gold,
Help us to serve and please Thee

There many lovely mansions
In all we say or do.

Their glory will unfold.

We hail Thee, etc.
Our hearts are made to love Thee,

And if we serve Thee truly,
Our tongue Thy praises tells,

Thou'll speak the gracious word :
Our bodies are the temples

Come, faithful servants, enter
In which Thy Spirit dwells.

The glory of your Lord.
We hail Thee, etc.

We hail Thee, etc.
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[Allernative Tunes No. 238, 265.]
DIVINEST Childhood of my Saviour dear,
U How in very weakness does His strength appear !
Hither speed, ye Angels, on exultant wing,
View in this poor manger Heaven's eternal King.
Does not this sweet Infant seem to thee to say-
“ Cast thy heartless trusting in thyself away;
Know that if thou learn not to resemble Me,
Happiness celestial ne'er can fall to thee.
“Come, ye little children, unto Me draw nigh,
For the pure and childlike dweli with Me on high,
Who in love and meekness, from all malice free,
Serve their dear Redeemer with simplicity.
“I, Who pride and greatness evermore abase,
On the poor and lowly lavish all My grace ;
And to humble spirits heavenly things reveal,
Which My secret judgments from the proud conceal." Amen.

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[Alternative Tune No. 136.] CHRIST, Who once amongst us Death will be to slumber U As a Child did dwell,

In that sweet embrace,
Is the children's Saviour,

And we shall awaken
And He loves us well :

To behold His Face.
If we keep our promise
Made Him at the Font,

He will be our Shepherd

After as before,
He will be our Shepherd,

By still heavenly waters
And we shall not want.

Lead us evermore ;
There it was they laid us

Make us lie in pastures
In those tender Arms,

Beautiful and green,
Where the lambs are carriea

Where none thirst or hunger,
Safe from all alarms;

And no tears are seen.
If we trust His promise
He will let us rest

JESUS, our good Shepherd,

Laying down Thy life, In His Arms for ever,

Lest Thy sheep should perish Leaning on His Breast.

In the cruel strife.
Though we may not see Him

Help us to remember
For a little while,

All Thy love and care,
We shall know He holds us,

Trust in Thee and love Thee Ofien feel His smile ;

Always, everywhere. Amen.

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[Alternative Tune No. 312.] W HEN, His salvation bringing,

We'll flock around His banner
To Sion JESUS came,

Who sits upon His Throne,
The children all stood singing

And cry aloud “Hosanna !"
Hosanna to His Name;

To David's royal Son.
Nor did their zeal offend Him,

Yet should we fail proclaiming
For, as He rode along,

Our great Redeemer's praise,
He let them still attend Him,

The stones, our silence shaming,
And smiled to hear their song.

Would their Hosannas raise.
And since the LORD retaineth

Nor will we only render
His love for children still,

The tribute of our words,
Though now as King He reigneth

For while our hearts are tender,
On Sion's heavenly hill,

They too shall be the LORD's. Amen

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