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(1. Old Melody. 1 2. A. W. Smith. Rev. J. B. Dykes, 1823-1876. Old Melody. Rev. L. J. T. Darwall. Arthur H. Brown. (1. H. Harford Battley.

2. J. M. Bentley, Mus. Doc. Geo. H. Westbury. Arthur H. Brown. B. Milgrove, 1731-1810. S. Alban's, Holborn, Tune Book. J. Battishill, 1738-1801. Rey. J. B. Dykes, 1823-1876. T. Jackson, 1715-1781. S, Alban's, Holborn, Tune Book.


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Litany of Penitence
Lord, a little band and lowly
Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing
Lord, from the dangers of the night
Lord, I hear of showers of blessing
Lord, in times of sore distress
Lord, the day is fading
Lord, the morn is breaking
Lord, this day Thy children meet
Lord, Thou callest to perfection
Lord, to serve Thee is most sweet
Lord, we bless Thy Holy Name
Lord, when Thy Holy Cross was signed
Lo, the pilgrim Magi
Make us holy
My God, how wonderful Thou art
Now all the bells of Easter ring
O blessed Saviour, help me
O brightness of eternal light
O Christ my Redeemer
O Christ, the eternal Son of God
O Christ, the Prince of Glory
O Christ, true Wisdom
( come, all ye faithful
O come on this bright Easter Day
() come to the merciful Saviour
O day of rest and gladness
O Divinest Childhood
O Everlasting Lord
O Father, God Almighty
O Father, Who has kept us safe
O happy fold, 0 happy Church
O Heavenly Father, day by day
O Holy Ghost, Eternal Light
O Holy Lord, content to fill
O how my spirit longs for thee
O how oft when I read that sweet story
O how wondrous seemed the tidings
O Jesus Christ most dear
0 Jesus, God and Man
0 Jesus, Lord, Thy Birthday
0 Jesus, it was surely sweet
0 Jesus, Saviour dear
O Lord Jesus, Lamb of God
O Lord of Life by Whom we live
O may we feel how great God is
On Ascension Day we raise
Once in Bethlehem of Judah
Once more the Church our Mother
On the Blessed Sunday
On the Cross the Saviour see
On the goods that are not thine
On the Resurrection morning
Onward, Christian soldiers
On wings of living light
O Saviour, set our minds
O Saviour, Thou art present
O Sunday is a joyful day
Our happiest day is quickly past
Our hearts and voices let us raise
Our life was lonely, sad and poor

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OurMotherChurch, ourMotherChurch 197 Henlow. 8 6 12 lines

B. W. Horner. Our Sponsors bore us to the font 124 Cloisters. C.M.

J. Turle, 1801-1882. O welcome happy day 77 Easter Carol. S.M.

Henry Smith. O what light and glory

S. Alban's (330). 6 6 6 6

S. Alban's, Holborn, Tune Book. O worship Jesus now

142 S. Nicholas. 64 6 4 6 6 6 4 Peace and Pardon, Lord, I need 276 *Thetford. 7 5 7 5 7 7 7 7

Rev. Ed. L. Hopkins. Poor and needy though I be 278 German Hymn. 7777

Pleyel, 1757-1831. Praise Him, praise Him, Jesus our

| *Praise Him. 10 10 10 10

Alfred Redhead.
Praise our God Eternal
345 Hinderclay. 6 5 6 5 D.

Arthur H. Brown.
Prince of Peace, we bow before Thee

Stella in Oriente. 8787 D.

Sir J. Stainer, Mus. Doc., 1840-1901. Raise we now our grateful voices 308 S. Cecilia. 8787

Arthur H. Brown. Rise, glorious Victor, rise

Rise, glorious Victor. 6 6 4 6 6 6 4 B. Milgrove, 1731-1810. Round the Lord in glory seated 103 *Cherubim and Seraphim. 8787 v. Ch. Vincent, Mus. Doc. Safe in the Arms of Jesus

292 Safe in the Arms. 76 12 lines W. H. Doane. Saviour, like a Shepherd lead us 239 Angeli. 878787

W. Horsley, Mus. Bac., 1774-1858. Saviour, when in pain and anguish 333 *Rest. 888877

Harold B. Osmond, F.R.C.O. Saviour, while my heart is tender 131 Saviour while my heart. 8787 Saviour, who Thy flock art feeding 126 S. Mildred. 8787

Arthur H. Brown. See amid the winter's snow

13 See amid the winter's snow. 7777 D. English Melody. Setting forth on life's rough way 322 *S. Teath. 74 74 D.

Harold B. Osmond, F.R.C.O. Shall Jesus tread the path alone

*Cross of Calvary. 8787 D.

E. H. E. A. Shall we gather at the river

Shall we gather. P. M.

R. Lowry. Shall we meet beyond the river

*Shall we meet. P.M.

J. M. Bentley, Mus. Doc. Shall we not love thee, Mother dear

*Shall we not love thee. C.M.

Rev. R. Owen. Since the day when first we came

Owen (40). 7777

Rev. R. Owen. Sing joyously, ye girls and boys

*Sing joyously. P.M.

Henry Smith. Sing, o sing, this Christmas morn

Sing, O sing. 7s 6 lines

American. Sing we Alleluia

Neuenahr. 6 5 6 5 D.

Geo. H. Westbury. Sinner, Christ is calling 271 S. Ethelberga. 65 65 D.

A. E. Tozer.
Sleep, Holy Babe

*Sleep, Holy Babe. 46886

Ch. Vincent, Mus. Doc.
Soldiers of Christ are we
284 *Soldiers of Christ. P.M.

W. Young Soul of Jesus, once for me

Titchfield. 777 7 7 7

J. Richardson, 1816-1879. Speak carefully, O Christian child 228 Tottenham. C.M.

Greatorex, 1758-1831. Still onward we must wander 286 *Pilgrims. P.M.

Ch. Shelford.
Strong in our great Captain

136 Strong in our great Captain. 6565D. Henry Smith.
( 1.*Blessed Day. | P.M.

(1. Ch. Vincent, Mus. Doc. Sweet chimes are floating on the air

2.* Selsey. I

1 2. Geo. H. Westbury. Sweet Dove, on my Baptismal Day | 125 *Evensong. L.M.

Rev. L. J. T. Darwall. Thanks and praise, O Lord, we send 325 Posen. 7777

German, The angels' songs this joyful day

*The angels' songs. L.M. 8787 Alfred Redhead. The angels stand round with folded

*The angels stand round. P.M. Rev. R. Owen, wings The Apostles watched their Lord

*S. Cyres. 6 6 6 6 6 6

Henry Smith. Thebattle is strong, and the fightis long| *S. Keyne. 10 7 10 7

Henry Smith.
The Child of Mary passed

*Olivet. S.M.

E. Ekless.
The children's King

16 The children's King. 8787 D. old Melody. The Church of Christ is universal

*Church Universal.P.M.

Ch. Vincent, Mus. Doc. The Church's one foundation 195 Aurelia. 7 6 7 6 D.

S. S. Wesley, Mus. Doc., 1810-1876. The Church ! The Church ! 198 * Ecclesia. D.C.M.

Rev. J. Blackbourne, C.F. The crowds had silent stood 217 Casterton. 6 6 8 6 8 8

Haydn. The darkness now is over 170 Throna. 7 6 7 6

F. A. Cellier. The daylight fades 183 Morning bright. 44 6 4 4 6

Arthur H. Brown. The golden gates are lifted up

Crediton. C.M.

T. Clarke, Mus. Doc., 1775-1859. The heavens declare Thy glory, Lord

Surrey. Ss 6 lines

Henry Carey, 1685-1743. The Holy One of God 54 *Hamilton. 6 4 6 4 D.

Rev. G. C. E. Ryley, Mus. Bac. The holy season comes again

*The Holy Season. 88 6 8 8 6 G. Copland. The Lamb of God by Jordan stands 1216 Exeter. 8 8 6 8 8 6

S. Wesley, 1766-1837.
The morning bright
168 *Rhodesia. 4 4 6 4 4 6

Geo. H. Westbury.
The morning hours are few and fleet | 245 *S. Christopher. c.m. 12 lines Harold B. Osmond, F.R.C.O.
The Only Son came down from Heaven 29 *Epiphany. L.M.

Rev. Ed. L. Hopkins.
There are many heathen children 316 Bulwark. 8 78 7 D.

T. Worsley Stanifoith. There is a better world, they say 297 Splendidior. P. M.

G. F. Cobb, M. A., 1838-1904. There is a green hill far away 214 Sawley. C.M.

J. Walch, 1837-1901. There is an Eye that never sleeps 207 Belgrave. C.M.

W. Horsley, 1774-1858. There is no Name so sweet on earth 209 1 *No name so sweet. 8 78 7 D.

J. M. Bentley, Mus. Doc. There is one true and only God

Palestine. D.C.M.

Old Melody.

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There's a Friend for little children

Munich. 7 6 7 6 D.

German. The Saints all crowned with glory 106 Holy Church. 7 6 7 6 D.

Arthur H. Brown, The Saviour's love to man we bless 36 Manchester. C.M.

R. Wainwright, Mus. Doc. 1747-1782 The shadows of the evening hours 187 Land of Rest. D.C.M.

R. S. Newman. The sorrow and the suffering 336 Rutherford. 7 6 7 6 D.

Old Melody, The stars at last are seen

192 The stars at last are seen. 6 6 6 6 J. Alcock, 1715-1806. Thine by our Creation 246 S. Alban's (335). 6 5 12 lines

S. Alban's, Holborn, Tune Book. Thine through life, and Thine for ever 133 Sharon, 87 87

W. Boyce, Mus. Doc., 1710-1779. This is the day of light 161 Aynho. S.M.

J. Nares, Mus. Doc., 1715-1783. This is the feast day of our King

Stevenson. D.C.M.

Sir J. Stevenson, 1761-1833.
Those eternal bowers

S. Geneviève. 6 5 6 5 D.

Arthur H. Brown.
Ihree women went forth

67 Three women went forth. 11111111 Haydn. Throughout Thy Holy Church, O Lord

*Ecclesia. D.C.M.

Rev. J. Blackbourne, C.F.
Thy Word, O God, shall shine
267 Ascension. D.S.M.

H. J. Gauntlett, Mus. Doc. 1805-1876. 'Tis Jesus sends us sickness 334 S. Mary Magdalene. 7 6 7 6

German. To endless ages let us praise 277 Ascendens. 8 8 6 8 8 6

C, H. Cellier. To the Cross of Christ the Savior 44 *Alberta. 8 7 10 lines.

Geo. II. Westbury, To Thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise 326 Coronation. 8787 D.

Rev. G. C. E. Ryley, Mus. Doc. Up in Heaven, up in Heaven 87 Up in Heaven. 8 7 7 7 5

John Hullah, 1812-1884. Uplift the blood-red banner 312 Nobiscum Deus. 7 6 7 6 D.

Ch. Vincent, Mus. Doc. Upon a cruel blood-stained tree 139 *Long Cross. 8s 6 lines

George Copland. Upon the hill of Calvary 53 S. Matthew. D.C.M.

W. Croft, Mus. Doc. 1677-1727. Upon this day, the saddest day

Upon this day. C.M.

Virgin-born, we bow before Thee. | 110 Bambery. 8877

Wake, happy souls, awake to songs of 75 | *Wake happy souls. 11 10 11 10 Rev. Richard Owen.

s 1. We adore thee. 1 88887 (1. German. WeadoreThee, we adore Thee Igladness 157

12.* Adoration.

12. Henry Smith. We are faithful Christians 347 *S. Martin. 6 5 12 lines

H. Harford Battley. We are lambs of Jesus' fold

*We are lambs of Jesus' fold. 777 7 D. J. M. Bentley, Mus. Doc. We are marching through the desert | 279 *We are marching. P.M.

Alfred Redhead. We come to be confirmed, good Lord 130 Hereford. D.C.M.

W. Hayes, Mus. Doc. 1707-1777. We come to Thee, O Father 132 Greenland. 7 6 7 6 D.

old Melody. We come to Thee, sweet Saviour 272 Salvation. P.M.

J. H. Gower. Welcome to us is Christmas morn 85 Welcome to us. D.C.M.

German. We love Thy blessed Church, O Lord | 311 Elmdon. C.M.

Arthur H. Brown. We love Thy Church, O Lord 196 Epsom. S.M.

W. Turner, Mus. Doc., 1652-1740. We love to raise our voices high 268 *Christmas Hymn. D.C.M.

Rev, J. Darwall, 1732-1789. We march, we march to victory 343 Doddinghurst. P.M.

Arthur H. Brown. We're God's dear children, heirs of Hea-| 221 *S. Benet. D.C.M.

H. Harford Battley. We should not be afraidat night (ven) 194 *Knighton. 8 686 88

Rev. G. C. E. Ryley, Mus. Bac. We worship Thee, Lord Jesus 145 *Children's Worship. 7 6 7 6

Henry Smith. What do the holy angels see 121 Wells. 8s 6 lines

Bortnianski, 1752-1825. What is that sweet song of triumph 337 | *Woodlands. 8 78 7 7 6 76

C. Aston. What mortaltongue can sing thypraise | 109 Stevenson. D.C.M.

Sir J. Stevenson, 1761-1833. When by Thine Altar, Lord, I kneel

When by Thine Altar. D.C.M. HI. S. Irons.
When Christ blessed the little children]

*When Christ blessed. 87 87

E. A.
When His salvation bringing

215 When His Salvation bringing 7676 D. Sir J. Barnby, 1838-1896. When Jesus Christ lived here 259 | *When Jesus Christ. 8 78 7 6 6 8 7

W. Young When Jesus Christ our Lord 98 Adoration. 6 6 6 6 8 8

Old Melody. When Jesus Christ, the Son of God

Eaton. 8888 4 48

Z. Wyvill, 1762-1837. When my bad companions 242 *Guardian Angels. 6 5 6 5

Duncan Cumming. When of old the Jewish mothers 262 When of old. 8787 4 7

John Hullah, 1812-1884. When on our infant brow was signe

*Harbledown. 88888 6 8 6

H. Harford Battley, When the loving Shepherd 150 S. Ethelburga. 6 5 6 5 D.

A. E. Tozer. When to the Holy City

S. Simon. 76 76 D.

J. Cruger, 1598-1662. While shepherds watched their flocks

(1.*While shepherds watched C.M./1. Rev. R. Owen. by night

12. Winchester Old.

12. Old Melody. Who comes to Me, I will no wise cast out 152 Vox discipuli. 10s 6 lines

Rev. L. J. T. Darwall. Why need the Lord's disciples fear 66 *keble. P.M.

Harold B. Osmond, F.R.C.O. Within a manger bare He lay 28 *Within a manger. P.M.

Alfred Redhead. Within the upper room

*Descent of the Holy Ghost. 6 4 6 4 | Alfred Redhead. Within Thy Holy Temple

S. Thomas. 7 6 7 6

G Farnaby, c. 1598. Work, for the time is flying 244 *Camelford. 767 6

Harold B. Osmond, F.R.C.O. You children of the Heavenly King | 319 | *Youchildren of the Heavenly King P. M Ch. Vincent, Mus. Doc.

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When yollst blesseder, Lordi


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