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7's. Universal Homage.

MONTGOMERY 1 COME and worship at his feet,

Yield to Christ the homage meet From his manger to his throne,

Homage due to God alone.
2 On his shoulder He shall bear

Power and majesty, and wear
On his vesture and his thigh,

Names most awful, names most higb. 3 Wonderful in counsel He,

The incarnate Deity,
Sire of ages ne'er to cease,

King of Kings, and Prince of Peace. 102

L. M. The same. 1 BEGIN, my soul, the heav'nly son

A burden for an angel's tongue : When Gabriel sounds these awful thing

He tuncs and summons all his strings. 2 Proclaim inimitable love!

Jesus, the Lord of worlds above,
Puts off the beams of bright array,
And veils the God in mortal clay!

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He that distributes crowns and thrones, Hangs on a tree, and bleeds, and groans ! the Prince of Life resigns his breath! The King of Glory bows in death!

But see the wonders of his pow'r,-
He triumphs in the dying hour!
And while by Satan's rage he fell,
He dash'd the rising hopes of hell.

lbus were the hosts of death subdu'd,
And peace proclaim'd thro' Jesu's blood :
Now, Lord of all, he reigns above,
And conquers sinners by his love.



C. M. Divine influences desired.


GREAT Spirit! by whose sacred pow'r

All creatures live and move, On as thy benediction show'r, Inspire our souls with love.

2 Hail, source of light! arise and shine,

Darkness and doubt dispel ; Give peace and joy, for we are thine,

In us for ever dwell.

3 From death to life our spirits raise,

Complete redemption bring; New tongues impart to speak the praise,

Of Christ our God and King. 4 Thine inward witness bear, unknown

To all the world beside, Exulting then, we feel and own,

Our Jesus glorified.


S. M.

The same.


COME, Holy Spirit, come!

With energy divine;
And on this poor benighted soul

With beams of mercy shine. 2 From thy celestial stores,

Life, light, and joy dispense!
And may I daily, hourly feel

Thy quick’ning influence.

3 0, melt this frozen heart;

This stubborn will subdue: Each evil passion overcome,

And form me all anew. 4 The profit will be mine,

But thine shall be the praise ; To thee, O may I now devote

The remnant of my days. 105

8. 7.
The same.

Axon. 1 HOLY Ghost, dispel our sadness,

Pierce the clouds of nature's night: Come thou source of joy and gladness,

Breathe thy life, and spread thy light.
Hear, O hear our supplication,

Gracious spirit, God of peace!
Rest upon this congregation

Great distributor of grace.
2 Come, thou best of all donations,

God can give, or we implore;
Having thy sweet consolations,

We can ask or wish no more.
Author of our new creation,

Bid us all thine influence prove ;
Make our souls thy habitation,

Shed abroad the Saviour's love.


7's. The Comforter. KELLY. 1 JESUS is gone up on high;

But his promise still is here, 'I will all your wants supply;

'I will send the Comforter ?
2 Let us now his promise plead,

Let us to his throne draw nigh:
Jesus knows his people's need:

Jesus hears his people cry.
3 Send us, Lord, the Comforter

Pledge and witness of thy love:
Dwelling with thy people here:

Leading them to joys above.
4 Till we reach the promis'd rest;

Till thy face unveil'd we see:
Of this blessed hope possess'd,

Teach us, Lord, to live to thee. 107

C. M. Grieving the Spirit. Aron, 1 THE God of grace will never leave,

Or cast away his own;
And yet when we his spirit grieve,

His comforts are withdrawn.

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