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4 Those characters shall fair abide,

Our everlasting trust,
When gems, and monuments, and crowns

Are moulder'd down to dust.
5 So, gracious Saviour! on my breast,

May thy dear name be worn,
A sacred ornament and guard,

To endless ages borne !

65c. M. High Priest, or true Aaron.


S EE Aaron, God's anointed priest,

Within the vail appear;
In robes of mystic meaning drest,

Presenting Israel's pray'r.
2 With the atoning blood he stands

Before the mercy-seat;
And clouds of incense from his hands,

Arise with odour sweet.3 Through him the eye of faith discerns,

A greater priest than he,
Thus Jesus pleads above the skies,

For you, my fricnds, and me.

4. The blood, which as a priest he bears

For sinner's, is his own;
The incense of his pray’rs and tears

Perfum's the holy throne.

5 In him my weary soul has rest,

Though I am weak and vile;
I read my name upon his breast,

And see the Father smile.

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LOD with us! O glorious name!

Let it shine in endless fame;
God and man in Christ unite ;-
O mysterious depth and height!

2 God with us ! amazing love,

Brought him from his courts above;
Now, ye saints, his grace admire;
Swell the song with holy fire.

3 God with us ! O, wondrous grace !

Let us see him face to face ;
That we may Immanuel sing,
As we ought, our God and King.


6. 8. Immanuel Exalted.


WHEN Jesus first at heaven’s com

mand, Descended from his azure throne, Attending Angels join'd his praise, : Who claim'd the kingdoms for his own.

HailImmanuel! Immanuel we'll adore,

And sound his name from shore to shore. 2 Girt with omnipotence and grace, The pow'rs of darkness trembling stood To bear the dire decree, and feel The vengeance of a mighty God.,

Hail, &c. 3 Not with'the sword that warriors wear, But with a sceptre dipt in blood, He bends the nations to obey : Aud rules them by the love of God.

Hail, &c.
4 Ride on and prosper, King of Kings,

Till all the powr's of hell resiga
Their dreadful trophies at thy feet,
And endless glory shall be thine.

Hail, &c.



C. M.




ESUS, I love thy charming name,

'Tis music to my ear;
Fain would I sound it out so loud,

That earth and beav'n night hear.

2 Yes; thou art precious to my soul,

My transport, and my trust, Jewels to thee are gaudy toys,

And gold is sordid dust.

3 All my capacious pow’rs can wish,

In thee most richly meet; Nor to my eyes is life so dear,

Nor friendship half so sweet.

4 O may thy grace still cheer my heart,

And shed its fragrance there; The noblest balm of all its wounds,

The cordial of its care.

5 I'll speak the honours of thy name,

With my last fainting breath ; When speechless, clasp thee in my arms,

My joy in life and death.

6 Till then I would thy love proclaim,

With ev'ry fleeting breath ;
And may the music of thy name

Refresh my soul in death.


C. M.

The same.


1 HOW sweet the name of Jesus sounds

Iv a believer's ear,
It sooths his sorrows, heals his wounds,

And drives away his fear.

2 It makes the wounded spirit whole,

And calms the troubled breast; 'Tis manna to the hungry soul,

And to the weary, rest.

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3 Dear name! the rock on which I build,

My shield and hiding place;
My never failing treasury fillid

With boundless stores of grace.

4 Jesus! my shepherd, husband, friend,

My prophet, priest, and king,
My Lord, my life, my way, my end,

Accept the praise I bring,

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