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5 Weak is the effort of my heart,

And cold my warmest thought;
But when I see thee as thou art,

I'll praise thee as I ought.


L. M.

The same.


1 THE name of Jesus sooths the soul,

And swells it with unbounded joys; And all the sounds harmonious roll, When that the grateful song employs.

2 Then wake my song her skill to try,

And ev'ry note with Jesus fill;
But all the sounds in Jesus die,
And his dear name's the music still.-

3 A name that angels love to praise ;

But yet a name of worth so great,
That all the notes that angels raise,
Lost in the name, are incomplete.

4 The voice of grief itself is lost,

When Jesn's name the music is ;
And saints in heav'n no joy could boast,
Did not his name create their bliss.

7. 6. 7. 6. Universal King.

MONTGOMERY. 1 HALL to the Lord's anointed !

Great David's greater Son;
Hail, in the time appointed,

His reign on earth begun'!
2 He comes to break oppression,

To set the captive free;
To take away transgression,

And rule in equity.
3 For him sball pray'r unceasing,

And daily praise, ascend; His kingdom still increasinga

A kingdom without end. 4 O’er ev'ry foe, victorious,

He on his throne sball rest; From age to age more glorious,

All-blessing and all-blest. 72 7's. The same.

KELLY 1«KING of kings, and Lord of Lords!"

These arc great and awful wor 'Tis to Jesus they belong; Let his people raise their song;

2 Crown him then whom angels sing!

Crown him universal King !
Jesus fills the throne above,
Jesus is the God of love.

3 Holy, holy, holy, Lord.

Heav'n and earth thy name record :
Pow'r and praise to thee belong;
Lord accept our feeble song.

73 c. M.

King of Kings.


1 WHENCEthose unusual bursts of joy

Whose sound through heaven rings! They welcome Jesus to the sky,

And crown him “King of Kings."

2 The brightest angel glory boasts

To him his tribute brings,
And joins high heav'ns assembled hosts

To crown him “King of Kings.”

3 Look up ye saints, and while ye gaze,

Forget all earthly things;
Unite to sing the Saviour's praise,

And crowo him “ King of Kings."

4 When here, he bore our sin and shame,

And thence our comfort springs,
'Tis meet we should exalt his name,

And crown him “King of Kings.”

5 We hope ere long, beyond those clouds,

To tune celestial strings;
And join with beav'n's exulting crowds,

To crown him “ King of Kings.”


L. M.

Lamb Slain.


I SWEET is the savour of his name,

Who suffer'd in his people's stead; His portion here, reproach and shame, He liveth now, he once was dead.

2 He once was dead, the very same,

Who sits on yonder throne above ;
Who bears in heav'n the greatest name,
Whom angels serve, whom angels love.

3 He once was dead, the very same

Who made the worlds, a work of pow'r, Who now upholds the mighty frame, And keeps it till the final hour.

4 He once was dead, the very same

At whose command the dead shall rise, To sorrow some, and endless shame, And some to everlasting joys.

5 He once was dead, but now he lives,

His glory fills all heav'n above;
Its blessedness to heav'n he gives,
The fountain he of joy and love,

6 His people shall his triumph share,

With him shall live, with bim shall reign; In heav'n their joy is full, for there They see the LAMB for sinners slain.


C. M.



I THOU dear Redeemer, dying Lamb,

We love to hear of thee;
No music like thy charming name,

Nor half so sweet can be.

O may we ever hear thy voice,

In mercy to us speak;
ind in our Priest will we rejoice,
Thou grcat Melchisedec.

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