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3 Our Jesns shall be still our theme,

While in this world we stay; We'll sing our Jesu's lovely name,

When all things else decay.

4 When we appear in yonder cloud,

With all his favour'd throng; Then will we sing more sweet, more loud,

And Christ shall be our song.


C. M.

Mercy Seat.


1 THE temple's lofty golden spires,

Fell at the warriors' feet, Forsaken are the marble choirs,

And lost the mercy seat.

2 Now, where shall sinful, guilty man,

Whose days are few and fleet, Find ere he crosses life's short span,

The heav'nly mercy seat.

3 While thus I mourn'd beneath my load,

I beard in accents sweet,
A voice that cry'd the lamb of God,

“Christ is the mercy seat.”


4 Thus spake the voice, and glad I heard,

My heart with pleasure beat,
I pray'd have mercy on me Lord,

Now at the mercy seat.

5 The Saviour answers from the sky,

The' inspiring sounds I greet,
“Who'er believes shall never die,

While there's a mercy seat.”


C. M. Alpha and Omega.


1 HAIL, Alpha and Omega hail;

Author of all our faith, The finisher of all our hopes,

The truth, the life, the path!

2 Hail, first and last, the morning star,

In whom we live and move ! Increase our little spark of faith,

And multiply our love.

3 Let that belief which Jesus taught,

Be treasur'd in our breast; The evidence of unseen joys,

The substance of our rest.

4 0 let us go from strength to strengti,

From grace to greater grace, From one degree of faith to more,

Till we behold thy face. 78

8. 7. Precious. SEARLE. 1 SWEET to see the floweret blushing,

Opening all its beauties wide; Sweet to taste the streamlet gushing,

Fresh’ning from the mountain's side. Sweet to hear soft numbers flowing

From the lute's melodious string ; Sweet to feel mild zephyrs blowing,

Bearing odours on the wing. 2 Sweeter far Jehovah Jesus,

To the sight, the ear, the taste; He has every thing to please us,

With such gentle glory grac'd.
He a flower is, ever precious,

None its varied tints can paint;
He life's waters to refresh us,

When the thirsty soul is faint, 3 His dear name, like heav'n's high chorus

Sounds in accents passing sweet;
And his spirit breathing o'er us,

Heav'n and earth appear to meet.


4 Ever shall our souls adore tbee,

O thou matchless Lord of light! While thy beauties in full glory,

Burst upon the ravish'd sight.


C. M.




FROM pole to pole let others roam,

And search in vain for bliss ; My soul is satisfi'd at home,

The Lord my portion is.

2 Jesus, who on his glorions throne,

Rules heav'n, and earth, and sea; Is pleas'd to claim me for his own,

And give himself to me.

3 His person fixes all my love,

His blood removes my fear;
And while he pleads for me above,

His arm preserves me here.

4 His word of promise is my food,

His spirit is my guide;
Thus daily is my strength renew'd

And all my wants supply'd.

5 For him I count as gain each loss,

Disgrace, for bim, renown; Well may I glory in his cross,

While he prepares my crown.


L. M. Prince of Salem. CAMPBELL

1 O

Zion! lift thy raptur'd eye.

The long-expected hour is nigli ;
The joys of nature rise again,
The Prince of Salem comes to reign.

2 See mercy from the golden urn,

Pours a rich stream to them that mourn; Behold, she binds, with tender care, The bleeding bosom of despair.

3 He comes, to cheer the trembling heart,

Bids Satan and his host depart!
Again the day-star gilds the gloom,
Again the bow'rs of Eden bloom!

4 0 Zion! lift thy raptur'd eye,

The long-expected hour is nigh;
The joys of nature rise again,
The Prince of Salem conies to reign.


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