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2 Of David's royal house, the key

Is borne by that majestic hand ;
Mansions and treasures there I see;

Subjected all to his command. 3 He shnts, and worlds might strive, in vai

The mighty obstacles to move,
He looses all their bars again,

And who shall shut the gates of love? 4 Fix'd in omnipotence he bears

The glories of his Father's name,
Sustains his people's weighty cares,

Through ev'ry changing age the same 5 My little all I there suspend, Where the whole weight of heav'n is

Secure I trust on such a friend,

And into rapture wake my tongue. 92 L.M. Unchangeable Redeemer.

DODDRIDGE. 1 WITH rev'rence Lord, our souls pro

Th’immortal honours of thy name? Assembled round our Saviour's throne We make his ceaseless glories known,

Through all succeeding ages he
The same bath been, the same shall be ;
Immortal radiance gilds his head,
While stars and suns wax old and fade,

The same his pow'r his flock to guard;
The same bis bounty to reward;
The same his faithfulness and love
“ To saints on earth, and saints above.

Let nature change, and sink, and die;
Jesus shall raise his chosen high,
And fix tbem near his holy throne,
In glory changeless as his own.


L. M.

The Way.


ESUS my all, to heav'n is gone,

He whom I fix my hopes upon!
His track I see, and I'll pursue,
The narrow way till him I view.

? The way the holy prophets went-
The road that leads from banishment,
The king's highway of holiness-

go for all his paths are peace.

3 This is the way I long have sought,

And mourn'd because I found it not:
My grief and burthen long have been,
Because I could not cease from sin,

4 The more I strove against its pow'r,

I sipn'd and stumbl'd but the more,
Till that I heard my Saviour say,
“ Come hither soul I am the way."

5 Lo! glad I come, and thou blest Lamb,

Shall take me to thee, as I am!
My sinful self to thee I give !
Nothing but love shall I receive.

6 Then will I tell to sinners round,

What a dear Saviour I have found;
I'll point to thy redeeming blood,

“ Behold the way to God.”

And say

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AT Jacob's well a stranger sought

His drooping frame to cheer, Tamaria's daughter little thought

That Jacob's God was near.

This bad she known, her fainting mind,

For richer draughts had sigh'd; Nor bad Messiah ever kind,

Those richer draughts denied.
This ancient well (no glass so true)

Britannia’s image shews;
Now Jesus travels Britain through,

But who the stranger knows?
Yet Britain must the stranger know,

Or soon ber loss deplore;
Behold the living waters flow,

Come-drink, and thirst no more, 95 886. Characters of Christ

celebrated. ANON, O could we speak the matchless worth,

O could we sound the glories forth,

Which in our Saviour shine; We'd soar and touch the beav'nly strings, And vie with Gabriel while he sings

In notes almost divine.
2 We'd sing the characters he bears,
And all the forms of love he wears,

Exalted on his throne;
In loftiest songs of sweetest praise,
We would to everlasting days,

Make all bis glories known.

3 Well-the delightful day will come, When Christ our Lord will bring us bomi

And we shall see his face :
Then with our Savionr, brother, friend,
A blest eternity we'll spend,

Triumphant in his grace.


96 S. M. Exhortation to praise Christ,


AWAKE and sing the song

Wake ev'ry heart and ev'ry tongue,

To praise the Saviour's name. 2 Sing of his dying love,

Sing of his rising pow'r,
Sing how he intercedes above,

For those whose sins he bore. 3 Sing till we feel our hearts

Ascending with our tongues
Sing till the love of sin departs,
And grace inspires our songs.

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