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8. 7. 4. Unchangeable Grace.


1 BLESSINGS that attend salvation,

Never alter or decay ;
They shall last, when all creation
Is dissolv'd and pass'd away;

Then believers
Shall behold a glorious day.

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2 Jesus says, they shall not perish,

None shall pluck them from his hand
He the work of grace will cherish,
While they pass this barren land

And present them
Faultless at his own right hand.

3 God th' eternal Father gave them,

God the Son their ransom paid;
Jesus is engag'd to save them,
He, their righteousness is made,

God the Spirit,
Makes them like their glorious head.

He will visit their transgression"

When his mercy they abuse;
Bat their covenant possession,
They can never, never lose;

He restores them,
And his pard’ning love renews.
May we never grieve his spirit!

Never leave the path of peace!
If redemption we inherit,
We're redeem'd to holiness;

"Tis a foretaste
Of the everlasting bliss.
Blessed source of consolation,

Spring of comfort ever new!
God the Author of salvation,
Will complete and crown it too ;

Our Redeemer
Will conduct us safely through.




7's The Gospel proclaimed. Anon. THROUGH the region of the sky,

Saints, behold the angel fly;

With the gospel's joyful sound,

To the list’ning tribes around. 2 “Sons of men to you I call,

Kindred, people, nations, all!
Fear the God, that rules on high,

Serve, and love, and glorify. 3 “In the riches of his grace,

He redeem'd a fallen race;
And, his mercy to display,

Wash'd their guilty stains away. 4 “Mercy plenteous, pardon free,

Contrite sinner, waits for thee;
Come to Jesus— come receive,--

Dying sinner, look and live!”
5 Mighty angel! speed thy flight,

Through the realms of heathen night
Blow thy trumpet— gather in

Ransom'd souls from hell and sin.
L. M.

BEDDO 1 GOD, in the gospel of his Son,

Makes his eternal councils knoi Tis here, his richest mercy shines, And truth is drawn in fairest lines.

The same.

2 Here sinners of an humble fame

May taste bis grace, and learn his name ; 'Tis writ in characters of blood, Severely just, immensely good.

3 Here, Jesus in ten thousand ways

His soul-attracting charms displays,
Recounts his poverty and pains,
And tells his love in melting strains.

4 Wisdom its dictates here imparts,

To form our minds, to cheer our hearts;
Its influence makes the sinner live,
It bids the drooping saint revive.

5 Our raging passions it controuls,

And comfort yields to contrite souls;
It brings a better world in view,
And guides us all our journey through.


C. M. The same.



THE kingdom of our God appears,

'Tis publish'd all around, And truly blessed are our ears,

That hear the joyful sound.

2 The kingdom of our God is seen,

Extending o'er the plains;
Where Satan and his seat have been,

There our Redeemer reigns,

3 The kingdom of our God is come;

• 'Tis even at our doors! O come, ye wand'ring sinners home,

Nor dy from mercy's stores.

4 The kingdom of our God is near,

May we his voice obey,
And that eternal portion share,

Which none can take away.

5 He sends his servants to proclaim

This kingdom in our hearts ;
And while they speak in Jesu's name,

The blessing he imparts.


A joyful Sound.

TOW the joyful sound is heard !

'Tis the voice of truth and love; 'Tis the great Jehovah's word, Calling to as from above.

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