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2 God, the high and lofty One,

Filling all eternity,
Through the merits of his Son,
Offers mercy, rich and free.

3 Should we turn our ears away,

From the great and glorious news,
Should we dare to disobey,
And his heav'nly call refuse.

4 How, should we escape his wrath ?

How, its dreadful curse endure
For the fruit of sin is death,
And the awful threat'ning sure.

5 Lord, we thank thee, that we hear

Sounds of mercy from on high,
Let not one among us here,
Stranger to salvation die.


C. M.



1 FATHER, how wide thy glory shines,

How high thy wonders rise!
Known through the earth by thousand

By thousands through the skies.

2 Those mighty orbs proclaim thy pow'r,

Their motion speaks thy skill;
And on the wings of ev'ry hour,

We read thy patience still.
3 But when we view thy grand design

To save rebellious worms, There vengeance and compassion join

In their divinest forms.

4 There the whole Deity is known;

Nor dares a creature guess
Which of the glories brightest shone,

The justice or the grace.


8. 7.




· PRAISE we him, by whose kind

favour, Heav'nly truth has reach'd our ears ; May its sweet reviving savour Fill our hearts, and quell our fears. Truth-how precious is the treasure, Teach us, Lord, its worth to know ; Vain's the hope, and short the pleasure, Which from other sources flow.


C. M.

A Feast.


I THE king of heav'n bis table spreads, 1

And dainties crown the board ; Not paradise, with all its joys,

Could such delight afford.

2 Pardon and peace to dying men,

And endless life, are giv'n, Through the rich blood that Jesus shed

To raise the soul to heav'n.

3 Millions of souls, in glory now,

Were fed and feasted here ;
And millions more, still on the way,

Around the road appear.

4 Yet is his house and heart so large,

That millions more may come;
Nor could the whole assembled world

O’er fill the spacious room.

5 All things are ready-sinners, come;

Nor weak excuses frame:
Crowd to the glorious gospel-feast,
And bless the Saviour's name.


7's. Welcome Tidings. KELLY. WELCOME news the gospel brings,

Welcome news from heaven above, Tidings from the King of Kings,

Tidings full of grace and love. 2 0, ye sons of men give ear!

Listen to “ the joyful sound”
Better news ye cannot hear,

In the gospel truth is found.
3 Welcome news the gospel brings,

Welcome to the poor and vile,
Gladden'd by these glorious things,

Let us praise the King of Kings.
L. M. Desire for its spread.

BEDDOME. ASCEND thy throne, almighty King,

And spread thy glories all abroad; Let thine own arm Salvation bring,

And be thou known the gracious God. 2 Let millions bow before thy seat,

Let humble mourners seek thy face,
Bring daring rebels to thy feet,
Subdu'd by thy victorious grace,

3 Oh let the kingdoms of the world

Become the kingdoms of the Lord;
Let saints and angels praise thy name,
Be thou through hear'n and earth ador'd.


8. 7. 4.

The same.



O’ER the gloomy hills of darkness,

Look, my soul, be still, and gaze!
All the promises do travail
With a glorious day of grace:

Blessed Jub'lee,
Let thy glorious morning dawn.

2 Let the Indian, let the Negro,

Let the rude barbarian see,
That divine and glorious conquest
Once obtain'd on Calvary ;

Let the gospel
Loud resound from pole to pole.

3 Kingdoms wide, that sit in darkness,

Grant them, Lord, the glorious light;
And from eastern coast to western,
May the morning chase the night;

And redemption
Freely purchas'd, win the day.

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