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4 All to the great tribunal haste, Th' account to render there; And should'st thou shortly mark our faults,

Lord how should we appear?

5 May they, that Jesus whom they preac Their own Redeemer see;

And watch thou daily o'er their souls, That they may watch for thee.


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L. M. Illness of a Minister. ANON

THOU, before whose gracious throne We bow our suppliant spirits down On thee we call, to thee we cry, And let our sorrows pierce the sky.

2 With pow'r benign, thy servant spare, Nor turn aside thy people's pray'r; Arrest thy swift descending stroke, Nor smite the shepherd of the flock. 3 Restore him sinking to the grave, Stretch out thine arm, make haste to


Back to our hopes and wishes give,
And bid our friend and father live.

Yet if our supplications fail,

And pray'rs and tears can nought prevail, Be thou his strength, be thou his stay, And guide him safe to endless day.



L. M. The Pastor's wish. GIBBONS.

Y brethren, from my heart belov'd,
Whose welfare fills my frequent


My present joy and future crown,
The word of exhortation hear.

2 Stand fast upon the solid rock
Of the Redeemer's righteousness;
Adorn his gospel with your lives
And practise what your lips profess.

Glory in his exalted name;
To him inviolably cleave;

Your all he purchas'd by his blood,
Nor let him less than all receive.




S. M. Death of a Minister. AND

ERVANT of God, well done!
Rest from thy lov'd employ;
The battle fought, the victory won,
Enter thy Master's joy.

2 Bent on these glorious toils,
The world to him was loss,
Yet all his trophies, all his spoils,
He hung upon the cross.

3 The pains of death are past,
Labour and sorrow cease;
And life's long warfare closed at last,
His soul is found in peace.

4 Soldier of Christ, well done!
Praise be thy new employ;
And while eternal ages run,
Rest in thy Saviour's joy.



12's. Invitation.


1 THE voice of free grace

Cries escape to the mountain,

For all that believe,

There is open'd a fountain,
For sin and uncleanness,
And ev'ry transgression,
His blood flows so freely
In streams of salvation.
Hallelujah to the Lamb
Who has bought us a pardon,
We'll praise him more sweet
When we pass over Jordan.

2 In Jesus rejoice

Triumphantly glorious,
O'er sin, death, and hell,
He is more than victorious,
With shouting proclaim,
Oh trust in his passion,
By faith we are sav'd
With a certain salvation.


3 Our Jesus proclaims
His name all victorious,
He reigns over all,

And his kingdom is glorious:
To Jesus our King

The great congregation,
With triumph will sing
In ascribing salvation.


4 On Zion we'll stand,
When escap'd to the shore,
Then with harps in our hands
We will praise him the more,
We'll range the sweet plains
On the banks of the river,
And sing of salvation

For ever and ever.




8.7.4. The same.

1 COME, ye sinners, poor and wretche Come-'tis mercy's welcome hou

Jesus ready stands to save you,
Full of pity join'd with power;

He is able,

He is willing; doubt no more..

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