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2 Let not conscience make you linger,

Nor of fitness foudly dream;
All the fitness he requireth
Is to feel your need of him:

This he gives you;
'Tis the spirit's rising beam.
3 Come, ye weary, heavy laden,

Lost and ruin'd by the fall;
If you tarry till you're better,
You will never come at all;

Not the righteous-
Sinners, Jesus came to call.
4 Lo! the incarnate God, ascended,

Pleads the merit of his blood ; Venture on bim, venture wholly, · Let no other trust intrude:

None but Jesus Can do helpless sinners good. 173 8. 7. 4.

The same. WASHBOURN.
HARK, the gospel of salvation

Sounds from Calv'ry's sacred hill,
And proclaims to every nation,
Sinners whosoever will,

Come to Jesus!
He receiveth sinners still.



2 Though your sins are great and many,

He can take them all away, He will never cast out any Who his gracious call obey ;

Come to Jesus ! Sinners hear his voice to day. 174 8. 7. 4.

The same. 1 COME ye souls by sin aflicted,

Bow'd with fruitless sorrow down; By the broken law convicted Through the cross behold the crown:

Look to Jesus Mercy flows through him alone. 2 Take his easy yoke and wear it ;

Love will make obedience sweet: Christ will give you strength to bear it, While his wisdom guides your feet

Safe to glory--
Where his ransom'd captives meet.
3 Sweet as home to pilgrims weary,

Light to newly open’d eyes,
Or full springs in deserts dreary,
Is the rest the cross supplies :

All who taste it-
Shall to rest immortal rise.

54 But to sing the rest of glory,

Mortal tongues far short must fall;
Tongues celestial strive to reach it,

But it soars above them all;
Faith believes it-Hope expects it-

Love desires it-
But it overwhelms them all.


The same.

C. M.

ANON. 1 RICH grace free grace most sweetly

Directly come who will;
Just as you are for Christ receives

Poor helpless sinners still. 2 'Tis grace each day that feeds our souls,

Grace keeps us inly poor;
And O that nothing else but grace

May rule for evermore.


The same.


Come, and make my paths your choice I will guide you to your home;

Weary pilgrim, hither come.

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2 Ye, by bitter anguish torn,

In strong remorse for guilt who mourn, Here repose your heavy care ;

A wounded spirit who can bear.

3 Sinner come for here is found

Balm that flows for every wound! Peace that ever shall endure,

Rest eternal, sacred, sure.



The same.


1 YEdying sons of men,

O’erwhelm'd with sin and woe,
The gospel's voice attend,

While Jesus sends to you:
Ye perishing and guilty come,
In Jesu's arms there yet is room.

2 Believe the heavenly word

His messengers proclaim;
He is a gracious Lord,

And faithful is his name:
Backsliding souls, return and come,
Cast off despair, there yet is room.

3 Compellid by sovereign love,

Ye wand'ring souls draw near;
Christ calls you from above,

His gracious accents hear!
Let whosoever will now come:

In mercy's breast there still is room. 178 7's. The same.


mount of Calvary,
Where the Saviour deign'd to dic;
What melodious sounds we hear,
Bursting on the ravish'd ear;
"Love's redeeming work is done,

Come and welcome, sinner come.
2 Sprinkled now with blood the throne,
Why beneath thy burden groan;
All thy sins on me are laid,
Justice owns the ransom paid:
Bow the knee, and kiss the Son,

Come and welcome, sinner come. 3 Soon the days of life shall end,

Then I come your Saviour, Friend,
Safe my people to convey,
To the realms of endless day;
Up to their eternal home,
Come and welcome, sinner come.

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