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Why we say, I believe the Church, not in the Church XXII.

By that expression, we profess our faith of the perpetuity

of the Church

The different periods of which, and the wonderful admi-

nistration of God respecting them, we should devoutly

consider - - -

We are also to cultivate communion with the Church
From which we ought not to be deterred by some ble-

mishes, or by the faults of others - - XXVI.
Provided she prove herself a true Church of Christ, by

the profession of evangelical truth - . XXVI.
Which is nowhere more uncorrupted than in the society

of those who are usually called The REFORMED XXVIII.
Whatever be the idle clamours of the Romanists with re-

gard to its being a society newly sprung up
Internal communion with the spiritual Church is neces-

sary to a solid hope of salvation
Several properties and characteristics of this Church de-

tailed - - - - XXXII.--XXXV.

Believers, for their own comfort, should meditate on the

happy condition of the Church


Since each of them shares of it, according to his measure XXXVII.

Faith respecting the Church, infers the offices of Charity

towards her - - - -


The article of the COMMUNION OF Saints, being nearly

the same with that of the CHURCH, is omitted in many

ancient copies of the Creed

God, Angels, Men, are called Holy ·

All of these have a certain communion with each other

But in the Creed, the Communion of holy men is chiefly

intended, which is either that of those in heaven with

one another

Or of those who live on the earth, with the inhabitants of

heaven - - - - - XLIV.

Or of saints living on the earth, amongst themselves XLV.
Improvement of this article


As also a stain and guilt -

In what sense guilt can, or cannot, be separated from sin

The forgiveness of sins -


As to its substance, it is a blessing of the covenant of grace

equally pertaining to all believers in every age VI.
With regard to circumstances, however, it is diversified

according to the difference between the Old and the

New dispensation - - -
Even the forgiveness enjoyed chiefly under the New dis-

pensation, is distinguished by several steps -

The faith of the forgiveness of sins comprises, 1. Con-

fession of the debt - - -

2. Giving glory to God as able to justify the ungodly in

a manner worthy of his perfections

3. The soul's betaking itself to Christ to obtain pardon in

him . -

Which can only be done, according to the order God has

· prescribed

4. Assurance of having obtained forgiveness
Which is to be carefully distinguished from bold presump-

tion, by certain signs-Antecedent

Concomitant .

Consequent -

The condition of those whose sins are not forgiven is ex-

tremely wretched

- XXI.

The state of those that are partakers of this blessing, is

truly happy




On the Resurrection of the Body, and the

Life Everlasting
Pages 407-483. '


A threefold Resurrection . . . . . I.


- - . - - 11.

Spiritual ·

And that of the body

The resurrection is the great support of Christiansen v.
That there will be a resurrection of the body, is the doc-

trine of Scripture, in both Testaments - - V. IX.

Reason gives her suffrage, after she is subdued to the obe-

dience of faith


- X.-XIV,

The same body, in regard to substance, is to rise again xv. XXI.
It is vain to object the barbarity of Cannibals, and eaters

of one another's flesh

The body will be endowed, however, with very different

qualities -


There will be a resurrection of all men, both rightcous
and wicked -


And that at one and the same time - XLVII. XLIX.

Rev. xx. 4–6. not inconsistent with this assertion L.-Lvii.

LIFE EVERLASTING, the final object of our hope, denotes

not merely existence, but the endless felicity of the

whole man -

It has its beginnings here
But greater happiness awaits separate spirits; which, af-

ter the termination of the animal life, subsist . LXVI.

And live, understand, and feel -

And immediately after death, are received into everlasting

habitations and delights - - - - LXXI.

Where they enjoy great felicity-
Yet by far the highest felicity, will be that of the whole

man after the last day - - - LXXIII. LXXVI.

Which is to continue to eternity, without any apprehen-

sion of its coming to an end - · LXXVII. LXXVIII.




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1. Amongst the precious promises with which the God of heaven was graciously pleased to favour the people of Israel, that in which he assured them that he should “ walk in the midst of them,”a is entitled to hold a distinguished place. The Lord made good this promise in various ways, and by several steps. 1st, He caused the tabernacle of the congregation to be erected, and the ark of the testimony and covenant to be made, and gave them to Israel as symbols of his special presence. With regard to the tabernacle he said: “ This shall “ be a continual burnt-offering throughout your gene“ rations, at the door of the tabernacle of the congre“ gation, before the LORD; where I will meet with you “ to speak there unto thee. And there I will meet “ with the children of Israel, and the tabernacle shall “ be sanctified by my glory.—And I will dwell amongst

a Lev. xxvi. 12.



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