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N.B. For Remarkable Passages in the Criticisms and Extracts, see

the INDEX at the End of the Volume.


PAGB ACCOUNT of the Abipones,

an equestrian people of
Paraguay, by Martin Do-

561 Agriculture, on Protection

to, by David Ricardo,

449 Aikin, Miss L. Memoirs of

the Court of King James
the First ....

316 Annual Register, or a View

of the History, Politics,
and Literature, for the
Year 1820.

... 406 Antiquities and other Cu

riosities of Rome, De-
scription of, by the Rev.
E. Barton....

21 Antioch, Martyr of, a Dra.

matic Poem, by the Rev.
H. H. Milman


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Calcutta, Bishop of, Ser

mon on the First Sunday
in Advent.....

394 Caldecott, T. Esq., Speci.

men of a New Edition of


Barclay, J. M.D., Inquiry

into the Opinions, An


PAGE Campbell, Rev. J., Travels

F. in South Africa........ 355 France, for the last Seven Charge delivered to the Years; or, the Bour

Clergy of Llandaff, by the bons: by W. H. Ireland 468 Lord Bishop of that Dio- Force Navale de la Grande cese...

31 Bretagne, par Charles Christian Faith and Charac

Dupin ...

.. 426 ter, Sermons on, by the Forensic Medicine, Princi

Rev.J. B. Sumner, M.A. 172 ples of, systematically ar-
Classical Excursions from ranged and applied to

Rome to Arpino, by Mr. British Practice, by J.G.
.• 297 Smith, M.D.

.. 163 Correlative Claims and Du- Future Judgment, Testi

ties, an Essay on the Ne- monies of Nature, Reacessity of an Ecclesiasti

son, and Revelation recal Establishment, by the specting, by the Rev. J. Rev. S. Wilks 1 Lonsdale

67 Cotton's the Rev. H., List

of Editions of the Bible. . 189 Cunningham, A., Sir Mar

maduke Maxwell; a Dra-
matic Poem ... 515 Gilchrist, J. P., Origin and

History of Ordeals ..... 380
Glenbervie, Lord, Trans-

lation of the First Canto D.'

of Ricciardetto........ 240

Griswold, Bishop, Address Decandolle and Sprengel,

to the Biennial Conven. Elements of the Philoso

tion assembled in Rhode ply of Plants ...... 182 Island

541 Description of the Shetland

Pastoral LetIslands, by Samuel Hib

ter to the Protestants of bert, M.D.

650 the Eastern Diocese.... 541 Dobrizhoffer, M., Account

of the Abipones.... 561 Dupin, C., Force Navale de

H. la Grande Bretagne.... 426

Hamlet, and As You Like

It, a Specimen of a New

Edition of Shakspeare,

by T. Caldecott, Esq... 372

Hervey, Lady, Memoir and Elements of Political Eco

Letters of

42 nomy, by J. Mill, Esq... 130 Hibbert, Samuel, M.D., Elements of the Philosophy Description of the Shetof Plants, by A. P. De

land Islands

650 candolle,' and K. Spren- Highlanders of Scotland, gel.

182 Sketches of the Charac.


PAGE ter, Manners, &c, of, by Kemp, Bishop, on the

Colonel David Stewart .. 626 manner in which the Hough, Right Rev. Jobn, Gospels were established 540 D.D., Sermons and Charges

... 496 Howman, Rev. A. E., Re

L. marks on the Universal Education of the Lower Letters of Mary Lepel, Classes ... 411 Lady Hervey

42 Letter to C. A. Moysey, I and J.

D. D. Archdeacon of

Bath, by the Rev. P. Iliadis Fragmenta Antiquis- Baynes..

83 sima, cum Figuris item Letter to the Rey. P. Scholia Vetera ad Odys

Baynes, in Reply to one seam...

309 lately addressed by him India, Peculiar Difficulties to the Rev. Dr. Moysey 83 of the Clergy in, by the

Life and Organization, InRev. T. Robinson...... 147 quiry into the Opinions Interior of New South

Ancient and Modern reWales, Journal of two specting, by J. Barclay, Expeditions into, by Mr.


337 Oxley


Life and Trial of Mackcoull, Introductory Discourse, at

or Moffat

.......... 595 the Opening of the Theo. List of Editions of the Englogical Seminary in the lish Bible, by the Rev.H. United States 541 Cotton, D.C.L.

189 Ireland, W. H., France for Llandaff, Bishop, Primary

the last Seven Years; or, Charge to the Clergy of
the Bourbons

his Diocese

31 James the First, Memoirs Locker, E. H. Esq., Popuof the Court of, by Lucy

lar Lectures on the Bible Aikin.

and Liturgy

152 Journal of the Proceedings Lonsdale, Rev. J., on the of the Bishops, &c. of the

Testimonies respecting a Protestant Episcopal

future Judgment

67 Church in America, in a General Convention,

May, 1820 ..... 540 Journal of a Special Gene

M. ral Convention in November, 1820 ........ 540 Mackenzie, G. Esq., Sys

tem of the Weather of K.

the British Islands

Maltby, Rev. E. D.D., SerKelsall, Mr., Classical Ex

606 cursion froin Rome to Manifold Wisdom of God Arpino F. ... 297 made known by the

.... 510


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