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Hats.—"We have among our subscribers numerous friends both in the city and country, to whom we love to recommend a choice article when we find one. Such an one is the excellent hats of Beehc it Co., 156 Broadway. For durability, rich color, superior finish, comfort, ease, and elegance, they cannot be excelled by any hats in the world. It is a luxury to wear them. We have worn no other for several years. Their only fault is, that they wear handsome too long to get a new one very often.

Tue accompanying engraving is a design of

E COUNTRY, cottage by the late A. J. Downing, of Newburgh. There is generally no difficulty in designing and arranging the interior of a dwelling, but there are few who are able themselves to design a handsome exterior. In fact, after the exterior is designed, little work remains to lay off the interior. We give this engraving as a view of a cottage for those who contemplate building, leaving the arrangements of the interior to their own fancy. In looking at this picture, one's imagination soon creates all the rooms, stairways, and conveniences which he would like for himself.

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Tht Grinn^u, Expedition In Sfarcij or Sir John FranxUn. By E. K. Kane, M.Ir.—We have no room for an extended notice such as this work deserves. It is a faithful and vivid exhibition of a winter in the Polar Seas. The grandeur of the Arctic regions is truly exciting. In the fruitless search for Franklin, great wonders are brought to light. This volume of more than 500 pages is beautifully embellished with a great variety of mezzotints and cals of icebergs, floes, and polar scenery, giving us vivid impressions of what nature can do even will> her frozen fingers. Harper k Brothers.

Bcrmah's Great Missionary.—This l>oor is a faithful record of the life, character, and achievements of that pioneer missionary, Adoniram Judson, who first carried the torch of gospel truth into that dark and benighted cmpirf of the East. It is a book of sterling merit, and well

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calculated to inspire the hearts of God's people of every j name with loftier views and a stronger faith. It describe!

the track of .this moral hero from his entrance into Brown

University till he found his grave among the corals of ths I ocean. It is well illustrated with steel-engravings and ! wood cuts The frontispiece represents the subject of th* i book holding the last leaf of the Barman Bible which he j had translated. The book also contains a fine map mf 1 Burmah and the Bay of Bengal. E. H. Fletcher.

Caruvoton Castle: A Tale of the Jesuits. By E. G H — ; The story of this volume is well calculated to impress upon

the mind some wholesome lessons I'd it Ir- read and i pondered by those whothin'; the duys of religious persecuI tion passed away with the dark ages. Human nature re| mains the same; and abundant facts could he brought to i prove that the "mystery of iniquity still works," Tin

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lyle is lively, the story entertaining, and the moral apparent. Bunce & Brother.

The Eternal Day. By Rev. H. Bonar, D.D.—This book contemplates the future. It reaches far into the regions of immortul lite. The "ages to come," their stability, endlessness, life, light, love, consolation, service and song, is the leading thought. Ii is a glowing subject, and treated in such a concise, clear, and convincing manner, that the reader is almost carried away from this low earth. It is a book of sterling worth. It is a small book, but " worth its weight in gold." It. Carter k Brothers.

Africa And America Described. By the author of " The Peep of Day."—This l;ook is a lively description of places, characters, and things, with many humorous anecdotes. The articles are short, and to the point. And while it entertains, it is highly instructive. It is well illustrated with numerous engravings. It is well printed and neatly bound. R. Carter & Brothers.

Female Scriitltie Characters.—This work consists of a series ol highly interesting »nd instructive lectures by Wm. Jay. They are well written, thoroughly studied. We cannot be too well acquainted with the Scriptures and Scripture characters. The book is well worthy of a place in every theological library. Few books possess more intrinsic excellence. It. Carter & Brothers.

Parley'? Book Ofqimdrcteds.—An excellent book for youth ; interesting, truthful, and useful. It embraces descriptions of the most remarkable quadrupeds in the world, with particular notices of those in America. It is well illustrated with about -00 engravings. Those who love to study the animal kingdom would do well to possess this work. R. T. Young.

Tne Farmer's Miscellany, and Agriculturist's Guide. By Geo. W. Marshall.—A very scientific and valuable book in itself, and highly useful to all who are in any way engaged in the cultivation of the soil. It treats concisely and minutely on a great variety of subjects pertaining to farming. The author thoroughly understands his subject. The work is well illustrated with some sixty engravings of animals, houses, utensils, kc. R. T. Young.

The Lamplighter.—This is the odd title of a curious taic, highly wrought, vigorous, futl of interest, life and fascination. The scene is supposed to be laid in Boston. It has a good moral effect. It is designed to show the emptiness of merely worldly possessions, and the power of unpretending piety. Characters are drawn to the life. It is written with great skill, in an earnest, dramatic style, is beautifully printed, and bids fair for a popular career. Boston : J. P. Jewett k Co.

Benedictions : or, The Blessed Life. By Rev. John Cumming, D.D.— This book is evidently the product of a truly devout and pious mind, aided by much Christian experience and deep reflection- It follows its title in its wellarranged and instructive chapters. It consists of a series of rich subjects, which are calculated to afford the highest encouragement to the Christian. It is one of those highly devotional works so much needed at the present day. Boston: J. P. Jewett k Co.

Hovaiopiimc Practicb Of Medictxf. By Dr. M. Freligh.— We profess no sluli in the practice of medicine, and therefore are not qualified to review a work like this; but from a cursory examination of it, it appears to be a systematic and scientific book. It has a copious index; and the re

ferences to all sorts of diseases arc so plain, and the treatment of them so minutely described, that, with this book in hand and a box of medicine, one might easily imagine himself fully competent to be. his own doctor. Lamport, Blakeman & Law.


We have received from Horace Waters, 333 Broadway. publisher, the following choice and rare pieces of fresh music :—

1. Scenes of our Childhood. Song by Geo. Washbourne Morgan.

2. Angel Whispers. Song for soprano or tenor. Sung by Mrs. Gillmgham Boslwick ; muMC by August Gockel.

3. Let us speak of a man as we find him. Words by Jaa. Simmonds; music by J. R. Thomas.

4. The poor Irish Boy. Ballad by Eliza Cook; music by J. Fraser.

6. We meet again. Song and chorus by J. R, Thomas, as a companion to the song, Good-Bye.

6. Do Good.- Words by J. R. Orion; music by I. B. Woodbury.

7. The Prodigal Son. A sacred song, arranged by Ilenry C. Watson for the piano forte.

8. Song of Sleep, and Barcarolle: from opera Masanietlo, by O. Comcttant.

All our readers who are acquainted with the music of the above composers will find their names a sufficient guaranty for the above compositions. Mr. W. sends all music by mail, postage free.

We have just received from Hall k Son, 239 Broadway, the following most excellent pieces of music for review:

1. Souvenirs of Kentucky. By Iucho. A brilliant fantasie. Price, 75 cts.

2. The Gallants. Brilliant variations on Jullicn's celebrated Katydid Folka. By C. Grobe. 76 cu.

3. Invitation Polka. 60 cts.

4. Village Festival Schollische. 50 cts.

5. La Piuie d'Or Valse Gracieuse. 50 cts.

The first and second are pieces intended for players of some degree of proficiency. For teachers, they are valuable, being pleasing and brilliant in character. The third, fourth, and fifth, are compositions by Wm. Vincent Wallace, well known by the musical public. We can recommend them. It would be difficult to say which is the best: they arc all best

Firth, Pond k Co., dealers in pianos and music extensively, are continually bringing out fresh and inspiriting music for amateurs. Among those recently published, we find upon our table:

1. Twilight Song. Words by Charles H. Chandler ; music by Henry W. Pond. An excellent piece.

2. Willie, we have missed you. Written and composed by Stephen C. Foster.

3. Come this way. Sung by Amphions; composed by J. H. Pixley.

4. Kitty Tyrrell. Words by Charles Jeffreys; music by G. W. Glover.

5. 'Twas but a fleeting Dream. Ballad; written and composed by G. Linley,

6. Omer Pacha's March crossing the Danube. Composed by Charles Wels.

7. Rose Bower Polka. By Charles Hear.

8. Catawba Waltz. By C. Mailer.

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