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Hot Corn. By Solon Robinson. The oM adage of "go like hot cakes'' was never more truly illustrated tlian in the extraordinarily rapid sale of this already famous book. The enthusiastic author litis struck a chord in the community that vibrates like the sensation produced by Uncle Tom's Cabin. If that was life among the lowly, this is a scene of low life in New York. It brings to light facts nnd scenes which the polite world had never dreamed of. The stories of Little Knty, Mudalina, the Rag-picker's Daughter, Wild Mnggie, rc, are worth the price of the volume. It is well illustrated with several appropriate cuts. It is calculated to do great good. Dewitt & Davenport.

Hark Huidlestone. By Mrs. Hoodie, sister of Agnes Strickland. DewiU k Davenport, 162 Nassau street. Those who enjoy light reading will l>e quite entertained by this pleasant production. The author evidently has a vivid fancy and some sprighlliness of style. The moral is good, showing in felicitous terms the wrMchedness of those mortals who live to hoard money. The miser is exhibited as unhappy in this life, and unprepared for the future. The writer is rather a favorite with the public, and possesses acknowledged talent. We cannot help wishing that she may yet fiud it more agreeable to her refined sentiments to write with the religious enthusinsm of Mrs. II. C. Knight, <s. Charlotte Elisabeth.

LyRKw. From the Wide, Wide World. The poetry is beautiful, and our musical friends tell us the music is equally so. G. P. I'utnam k Co.

Tire Lint Of The Rev. Philip Henry, condensed from the standard Memoir by his son. Rev. Matthew Henry, enlarged by Williams. Pp. [AG. I2oiO. We believe it is generally acknowledged by intelligent, spiritual Christians, that thi' is one of the best religious memoirs thai bus been written. To the character and excellence of Philip Henry, his son, the great commentator, was greatly indebted, under the blessing of God, for his world wide celebrity and usefulness. American Tract Society.

Golden Dreams And Leaden Rkalitirs. By Ralph Raven. This is a vivid pieture of California life, and, we are informed, a faithful one- Thousands have started for that land of gold with high hopes, only to sec them turn to leaden realities. Candidates for the Eldorado would do well lo peruse this lx>ok liefore they pack their trunk or pay their passage. G. P. Putnam r Co.

Gavarh's LfXTL'RES. This is a volume complete of Gavazzi's lectures delivered in New York, reported by the stenographer, and revised and corrected hy himself; so that this edition may be relied on as containing the sentiments of ibis distinguished apostle of religious liberty. M. W. Dodd.

Conversion, Its Theory And Procrrs'. By Rev. Thomas Sjiencer. This is a practical work, and the subject is practically illustrated. It directs the honest inquirer. It encourages the true believer. The table of contents shows some of the most important subjects pertaining to the duties and relations of man to his Maker. M. W. l'odd.

Hsrrosty Of The City Of New York. By David T. Valentine. This book is truly a curiosity, especially to the antiquary. The design is to trace the progress of the city of New York, and illustrate to the reader of the present day its gradual development, from a wilderness condition, through the maturing stages of a hamlet, a village, and a city. It is embellished with a number of map» and drawings, which present a vivid view of the primitive stnte of this island and this part of the country. It contains much valuable information nowhere else to be found. The pictures of old stores and houses present rare specimens of Dutch architecture. G. P. Putnam &Co.

The Shawm. A Library of Church Music By W. B. Bradbury and G. F. Root, assisted by Hums, llasiinys and T. B, Mason. It embraces about one thousand pieces, consisting of psalin and hymn tunes adapted to every metre in use. It contains also an entirely new and practical arrangement of the elements of music, inters|>ersed with social part-songs for practice. About fifty thousand copies have been sold already. Mason Brothers.

Lady Hcmtunrdm And Uer Friends: or, the Revival of the Work of God in the I toys of Wesley and Gibers. With several steel plates. This lxx>k makes the reader taniili»r with some of the noblest spirits of modern timeu. Ameri can Tract Society.

The Flower Of The Family : a Book for Girls. By the author of '' Little Susy's Six Birthdays." It is wuiten in the same familiar style of that little book. It is one of the best holiday gilts for girls that we have seen. A. D. F. Randolph.

Mrmoib Of Richard Williams; Surgeon: Catechist to the Patagonian Missionary Society in Terra del Fuego. By James Hamilton, D.D. A highly interesting narrative of this excellent man, und a noble example of self-denying labor for Christ, It affords moreover much light on thai new and important mission. R. Curler k Biothers.

Old Lights wrrn New Eyes. By a Yankee. With an Introduction by Rev. R. Baird, D.D. This hook is sent forth inio the world without the author's name. It consists of notices of the chief places of interest in Europe. The style is pure and beautiful, and the descriptions of places and things arc exact, concise, and highly interesting. H. W. Dodd.

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