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The Spanish Mother.

Fowler's Octagon House.

The First Ear-ring.

Ice-cutting at Rockland Lake.


Lofty Spires.

The Sultan's State Barge.

Lady Jane Grey.

Church of the Assumption, Moscow.

Railroad Bridge at Portage, N. T.


Mount Hermon.

, Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, New Tork.
Tancred and Clorinda.
The Swiss Home.
A Chinese Encampment.
Benedictine Monks at their Private Festivities.
The Bridge across the Ebro, at Saragossa.
Londonderry Cathedral.
Plains of Waterloo.

Ruins of the Temple of Pachacamac, and Palace of the

Palace or Temple on the Island of Coati, in Lake Titicaca.

Bamboo Aqueduct at Hong Kong.

Italian Cottage.

Circular House at Somerville, Mass.

Rome—The Forum.

General View of the Palace of the Escurial.
Piazzetta and Ducal Palace, Venice, from the Harbor.
La Tour—Val Pelice.

Ruins of the Bishop's Palace of St. David's.

Church of Neostra Senora de Guadaloupe, near Mexico.


Christmas, ' . , 37

Careless Words, . . 57

Christian Parlor Magazine, 99

Childhood and Manhood, 108

Changeless Friend, 151

Christian Enthusiasm, 186

Cheerfulness, 229


Dorcas, . . . < 297

Daniel in the Lions' Den, ..... 270

Despise not small Beginnings, 280

Dirge for Little Mary, . i 246

Divine Manifestations, , 216

Dirge, 141

Dies Ira, 107

Dr. Doddridge's Dream, . .... 49

Death of the Righteous, 56

Depth of the Ocean, 844


Evening before the Wedding, 203

Exorcism wrought by David's Harp, ... 259

Eighteen Hundred Years ago, 303

Early Piety, ..... .> . . 07

Eululie, 330


Frederick Kind. German Poet, .... 70
j Fear of the Angels, 79

Fronti Nulla Fides, 201

1 Fulfilment of Prophecy 328


God in History, • S6

Guardian Angels, 38

God's Prison Gifts, 41

God's Hand in the Reformation, 340


Homage to Folly, 44

Human Greatness, 50

Hints for Wives, 55

Hagedorn, ... ...... 300

Happy at Home, 808


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The Strait Gate,
The Father a Monarch,
The Lily of the Vale,
The Value of a Name, .
The Wife's Reverie,

The Rose

The Uncertainty of life,

The Stranded 8hip,

The Rod of Moses,

Twilight Musings,

The Feathered Dabbler, .

The Newspaper Age,

The Genesis of Atheism, .

The Nestorian Pilgrim, .

The Red Purse, . . . .

Two Worlds,

The Impassable Bridge,

The Gate of Prayer,

The Offence of the Cross, .

The Promise and the Fulfilment,

The two Dreams,

The Worm at the Flower,

The Gates of Mortality,

The Infidel Tested,

The Imitation of Chrisr, .

The Uncertainty of Life,

The Resources of Creation,

The Eleventh Hour,

The Thunder-storm,

The Flight of Time,

The final Judgment,

The Spell of Love,

The Crusade of AIbi,

The Double sided Man, .

'Tis useless Trying, .


The German Gellert,
The Empress of l

The Escurial,

The Hyacinths,

The Funeral,

True Politeness,

To Mary,

The Fop

The Curtain Raised, ....
The Golden Age of Athens, .

To my Infant Boy

Thoughts on the Last Days of Summer,

The Sea

The Communicant

The Rock of the Pilgrims,

The Might with the Right, .

The Brothers Slolberg,


We part to-night,

Where shall I spend Eternity,

We All do fade as a Leaf,

Weeping for the Dead,

Want of Opportunity,

Young American Characteristics.


View of 0. S. Fowijsk's Gravel-wall and Octagon House, copied from "A Home For All., New edition, just published. Trice of the Book, prepaid by mail, 87 cento. Published by Fowlers And Wells, 131 Nassau street. New York.

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