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teous hand which thus provides for their subsistence ; whilst man, though partaking in common with the brute creation of the alimentary supplies, is endowed with a mind capable of perceiving, through the medium of reflection, the finger of Deity labouring for his external support, and his internal happiness : This essential difference between the brute and human species being admitted, it will hence follow demonstrably, that on the brute creation no obligatory claim of duty is incumbent. It is not from them that gratitude to the sovereign donor is to be expected ; they trace not the Godhead in his works, and are therefore ignorant of his providential bounties; whereas to the intelle&tual eye of man, the hand of divinity is visible; to a considerate mind each spire of grass proclaims it: man, therefore, who is so formed as to be conscious of his benefactor, should be so grateful as to love him for his benefits; from the human race

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