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their disapprobation of a language and opi-
nion which for several days had prevailed both
within and without doors, that every idea
of drawing a revenue from America, in order
to alleviate the burdens incurred by defend-
ing that country, was given up as inexpedi-
ent if not totally impracticable. If this were
to be the case, they very fairly declared, that
since the object in contest was abandoned,
they could never think of voting their mo-
ney away to no purpose.
The Minister assured them, that it was
never the intention of administration to
relinquish that just claim of the mother

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The Runaway is said to be the production of a Mrs. Cowley, and from this first specimen of the lady's abilities, the lovers of the drama are led to hope much rational entertainment in her future labours.

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February 23.

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February 26.

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