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Hallelujah' they cry,

To the King of the sky,
To the great everlasting I Am!

To the Lamb that was sain,

And Liveth again,
Hallelujah to God and the Lamb.

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Lord, I know there is no Cure,

But thy Blood,

Son of God,
This shall make me pure.

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This, my dearest Saviour, give me,

Şeal me thine,

Thou be mine,
Then from Earth receive me. .

Haften, thou desire of Nations,

From Below,

Take me to Heavenly Habitations.

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Then let our Souls arise,
And tread the Tempter down;
Our Captain leads us forth
To Conquest and a Crown.

A feeble Saint
Shall win the Day,
Tho' Death and Hell
Obstruct the Way,


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Teach us for what to Pray; and how;
And since, kind God, 'tis only thou,

The Throne of Grace can move :
Pray thou for us ; that we, through Faith,
May feel th' Effects of Jesu's Death,

Through Faith, that works by Luve.

Thou, with the Father, and the Son,
Art that mysterious Three-in-one,

God bleft for evermore :
Whom, though we cannot comprehend,
Knowing thou art the Sinners Friend,

We love thee and adore. "

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DEHOLD! the Love of God,

To Adam's fallen Race, His Son he graciously bestow'd,

To suffer in our Place;
His only Son he gave,

That Sinners, who believe,
Might Pardon and Redemption have,

And in his Kingdom Live.
Enlarge your Hearts, and praise

Your Saviour, and your Lord,
Admire the Riches of his Grace,

And lean upon his Word;
The Works which we have done,

Are all, alas ! unclean;
But we are say'd by Faith alone, -

And freely cleans'd from Sin.
This is the Work of God,

His Spirit's Work alone,
To give us Faith in Jesu's Blood,

And draw us to the Son :
O may our inmoft Souls rely,

And with our Hearts believe,
May Spirit, Soul and Body, fly

To him, who bids them Live. To Life and Peace restor’d,

Our Tongues o’erflow with Praise, Great is the Glory of the Lord,

We sing in all our Ways:


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Extol the Lamb of God,
The all-atoning Lamb:
Redemption in his Blood,
Throughout the World proclaim.

The Year of, &c.

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