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Yc, who have Sold for nought
Vour Heritage above,
Shall have it back un-bought,
The gift of Jesu's Love,
The Year of, &c.

The Gospel,Trumpet hear,

The news of Heavenly Grace,

And sav'd from Earth, appear

Before your Saviour's Face.
The Year of Jubilee is come,*
Return, ye ransom'd Sinners, Home.

Spiritual Distress.

OO U R God! our State behold,
Our Dangers and our Fears,
How our Souls to Sin are Sold,
And overcome with Cares ,
Jesus, Master! us restore,

And speedily to help us come;
Friend of Sinners, we are poor,
O bring us Sinners Home,

Full of Anguish, full of Pain,

To thee we make our Cry;
Thou who wast for Rebels slain, N

On fatal Calvary.
Jesus, Master.

Doubts and Darkness hedge us round,

O bid them all depart; Foes on every Side are found,

And Sin doth grieve our Heart.'

Jesus, Master. Cast Cast us not away.from thee,

Tho we have foolish been, Neither leave us.utterly,

Tho' lost and dead in Sin. Jesus, Master! &c.


Set your AffeRions on Things above. Col. iii. 2.

NO W wise your thankful Voice,
Ye Souls redeem'd with Blood*
Leave Earth and all its Toys,

Rejoice alone in God:
Dearly we're bought, highly esteem'd,.
Redeem'd, with Jefu's Blood redeem'd.

Christians are Priests and Kings,

All born of heav'nly Birth, Then think on nobler things,

And grovel not in Earth. Dearly, &c.

With Heart, and Soul, and Mind,

Exalt redeeming Love, Leave worldly Cares behind,

And set your Minds above.. Dearly, &c.

Lift up your ravish'd Eyes,,

And view the Glory giv'n,, All lower things despise,

Ye Citizens of Heav'n.. Dearly, &c.

Be to this World as dead,

Alive to that to come, Our Life in Christ is hid,

Who soon shall call us Home: Dearly we're bought, highly esteem'd, Redeem'd, with Jesu's Blood redeem'd.


Crying to Jesus.

LORD, attend to our Petition,
Hear and grant,
What we want,
Give unfeign'd Contrition.

O we want the Balm of Gilead,

Faint and Poor,

We implore, With it to be silled.

Faith we want, on thee our Saviour,

Firm t'endure,

True and sure, 'Till thou us deliver,

Make us willing, O our Father!

And among

Thy lov'd Throng, Us to Jesus gather.

Here we have no stedfast Mansion,

O our Lord,

Living Word,
Be our sure Salvation.


Lift us up from many Waters,

High receive *

Us to Live,
With th' immortal Creatures.

There our Wants, end thou for ever,.

There to fee,

Christ and thee, Father, us deliver.


Praising Jesus.

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COME let us join,
Together combine,
To praise our dear Saviour, our Master divine*.

Him let us adore,
Who cover'd with Gore,
Late hanged on Calv'ry, both Wounded

"(and Poor.
He worthy is blest
By Spirits at rest,
Who once in this Defart his Godhead confest,.

The Spirits of Men,

Who for him were slain, From Abel the Righteous, share now in his


Th' Apostles, who stood

Resisting to Blood,
For Jesus's Gospel, rejoice in their God..

0 dearest. O thou clearest Lamb,

Help us do the fame, With Saints and with Angels, bless Jesus's


To him that was Slain,

The scorn'd Nazarene,
Be Glory and Honour, let all say Amen.


Christ the Shepherd.

JE S U, Shepherd of the Sheep,
Thou the Flock dost feed and keep,
Oh! with what a tender Care,
Dost thou all for them prepare.
Thou dost call them by their Names,
In thy Bosom bear the Lambs,
Oh! amazing Grace, that we
Should be so much lov'd by thee.

Thee, the Sheep profess and own.
Thee, they Love, and thee alone,
Thee, they follow in the Way,
Strangers they will not obey:
Thou hast made their Sins thy own,
And thy Life for them laid down,
O amazing Grace, &c,

Lord! poor wand'ring Sheep behold,
Bring us back into thy Fold,
Lead us into Pastures Green,
Where thy lovely Face is seen:
When thy Sheep in Judgment stand,
Place our Souls at thy right Hand,
O amazing Grace, &c.


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