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The Lord in the Day

Of his Anger, did lay Our Sins on the Lamb, and he bore them away.

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For you and for me,

He pray'd on the Tree,
The Pray’r is accepted, the Sinner is free.

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Then, tho’ we Weeping Sow,

And tears our Hours Employ, We know we shall return again,

And bring our Sheaves with Joy : Our Life, now hid with Christ,

With him shall roon appear, And we array'd in all his Light,

Shall meet him in the Air,


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O, to Grace, what mighty Debtors !
Daily, Hourly, Lord are we!
Let that Grace, like strongest Fetters,
Bind our wand'ring Hearts to thee;
Prone to Wander, Lord, we feel them,
Prone to leave the God of Love,
Here's our Hearts, - take and feal them?
Scal them from thy Courts above.


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We'll never cease repeating
Our numberless Complaints,
But ever be intreating i
The glorious King of Saints :

"Till we attain the Image
Of pure and Gospel Love.
And pay our grateful Homage,
With all the Saints above.

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When, like loft Sheep, we wander'd wide,
And left the watchful Shepherd's Eye,
When borne along the impetuous Tide,
Of this World, Sin and Vanity.
Then Jesus from the Heavens came down,
To save us, by his Grace alone.

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