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NEAR Jesus who can

Sufficiently Praise, In Lifes narrow span,

-Thy wonderful Grace; O pardon us freely,

Thro' Faith in thy Blood; And now let us feel thee,

Our Saviour and God.
The Cherubs of Light;

Declare thy Renown, !
While Seraphs delight, 136. CAND WW!

Thy Love to make known, it!
So great is thy Glory,

So fearful thy Praife. ? ? That Angels adore thee,

With:Veils on their Face ;
Thy Churches on Earth,

Rejoicing in Hope, il jo?? algo
In Anthems of Mirth, di
Their Voices lift up

!! it Their Life is in feeling s

The Work of thy Grace, Their Joy in revealing, ..

And singing thy Praise, Thrice holy art thou,

How bright is thy Throne, 000S o suffer us now, Our Souls to bow downs

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Make ready for your full Reward,
Go forth, with Joy, to meet your Lord..
Go meet him in the Sky,

Your everlasting Friend,
Your Head to glorify,

With all the Saints ascend :
Ye pure in Heart obtain the Grace,
To see, without a Veil, his Face.
Ye that have here receiv'd,

The Unction from above.
And in his Spirit liv’d,

Obedient to his Love : Jesus shall claim you for his Bride, Rejoice with all the Sanctify'd. Rejoice in glorious Hope, sillä Rejoice in glorious hope, O s ije

Of that great Day unknown, When all thall be caught up,

And stand before his Throne : wwwline Call’d to partake the Marriage Feast, And lean on our Emmanuel's Breaft.

Dinbyggle P The everlasting Doors, alls

Shall soon the Saints receive,
Above those Angels Pow'rs,

In glorious Joy to Live :
Far from a World of Grief and Singa
With God eternally shut in. Ti gaitis

da ett bisto med Then let us wait to hear subtiltru:.

The Trumpet's welcome found,.. To see our Lord appear,

Watching let us be found :
In Jesus let us still walk on,
Till all appear before his Thrones,


On the Fifth of November.

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He preserves the British Nation,
From the Snares of Popish Men,
Brings to Nought their many Counsels,
Makes their Efforts all prove vain :
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, &c.
God is still the Briton's Friend.

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