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Going to Church. T HE Saviour meets his Flock to Day,

1 Shall nothful we abide at home? Shall we behind the People stay, When Jefus calls, there still is Room; We'll go, it is a Place of Prayer, Who knows, but God may meet us there?

To Day Emmuauel feeds his Saints, And there true Chriftians find their King; There they lay open their Complaints, And there the Holy Armies sing : We'll go into the House of Pray’r, O God ! vouchsafe to meet us there, Remove Temptations, Oh ! our Lord, And let our Enemies be Slain, Which would withdraw us from thy Word, And plunge us in the World again: And when the Bridegroom shall appear, O may our Souls be found in Pray'r.

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Place our Hope in Joys to come,
There prepare our endless Home!

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Heb. xi. 14, &c.
Tell me no more,

Of this World's vain Store;
The time for such trifles,
With me now is o'er. arrit

A Country I've found, Sui 90019i
Where true Joys abound, ani,
To dwell I'm determin'd,
On that happy Ground. 07. von

The Souls that believe, m e
In Paradise Live,
And me, in that Number,
Dear Jesus receive.

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Cherubs, (before the King of Kings)
And Seraphs hide them in their Wings ;
'Till bursting in full Melody,
They loudly, Hallelujah cry!

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Unto Him that loved us. &c. Rev. i. 5. 6.

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