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Bleft Saviour, may we doubt no more,
But hear, and wonder, and adore ;
Still near'thy Stream may we be found,
Long as we tread this earthly Ground.

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Behold the Lamb.

TESUS is come! O joyful News!

To-day Salvation founds;
With us to-day our Saviour fhews

His meritorious Wounds.
These are the Wounds, and this the Rock,

In which we should abide :
O Sinners, to this Jesus look,

Behold! behold his Side! . Near him approach, ye guilty Race, . And view his Heart again ; 'Twas Cleft for you! O wond'rous Grace !

For you this Lamb was Nain ! Bring your Diseases, ho! ye Poor,

Bring Doubts, and Fears, and Sin; As Beggars, wait about the Door,

The Lamb will let you in. Eternal Glory be to thee,

Thou Fountain Head of Love; Let all the Earth adore thy Name,

And ev'ry Pow'r above.

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Look on the fearful, see their Doubts,

And let their tears be dry,
Support the Faint, and let ihem hear,

* Be not afraid, 'Tis I.”

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T ORD, if thou art our Salvation,
L Let who will our Souls condemn,
There remains no Condemnation,
For the Souls thou didst redeem :

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Glory be to Christ the Lamb.

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