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Sunday Evening.

LO ! now the Sun declines apace
The Holy Sabbath flies;
Come, therefore.let us closcthe Day,
In sacred Harmonies.

When O! dear Jesus, when shall I
Behold thee all serene, , .

Bless'd in perpetual Sabbath Day,
Without a Veil between.

Thy Spirit O my Father give,
To be my Guide and Friend,

To light my ways to ceaseless Joys,
To Sabbath's without End.


jfjsembling ourselves together.

LE T God be here, le* Jjesu's Love
In every Bosom, plenteous movies
Our Words to please thee), Lord prepare*.
And kindly stoop to meet us here.

Open our Hearts and purge from Sin,.
Whilst thou thyself shalt enter in,
While thou shalt chase our Fears away»
And teach us what to do or fay.

O ne'er forsake us Lord, till we

On Sion'sMo«at»aall meet with. thee>


Be present while we stay below,
And let us only Jesu^know.

When Heaven and Earth shall pass away,
And Fire reveal the Judgment Day;
Let each in long white Garments stand,
And meet in our own Father's Land.


Before Sermon,

THY gracious Promise, Lord we plead,
To many Generations made,
Where two or three shall join in Prayer,
Thou saidst, I also will he there.

In Jesu's Name we meet to day, •"
Thy Power amidst us now display,
View every Heart and kindly move
To change the Stony into Love.

What e'er thou needful see'st bestow,
And how to serve Thee rightly shew;
Inspire our Thoughts, assist our, Prayer,
And humbly bow thine Ears to hear.

We all our Wants to Thee commend,
And shall, 'till here our,Warfare end,
Then with thine Hosts will we adore.
Thy Grace, O God, for evermore.

To Jesus Christ.

THOU on whom the Gentiles, trust,
Thou only Holy, only Just j

O tune


O tune our Souls to Praise thy Name,
Jesus unchangeable the fame.

If Angels, whilst to thee they Sing,
Wrap up their Faces in their Wing,
How shall we sinful Dust draw nigh,
The great, the awful Deity.

Glory to Thee, auspicious Lamb,
Thou Holy Lord ! thou great I am!
With all our Powers, thy Grace we bless,
Our Joy, our Peace, and Happiness.

Live, ever glorious Jesus, live,
Worthy all Blessings to receive,
Worthy on high, enthron'd to sit,
With every Power beneath thy Feet.


The Triumph of Faith;

REjoice, the Lord is King,
Your Lord and King adore,
Mortals give Thanks and Sing,

And triumph evermore:
Lift up your Heart, lift up your Voice, i
Rejoice, again, I fay Rejoice.

Jesus, the Saviour reigns

The God of Truth and Love,.
When he had purg'd our Stains,

He took his Seat above:
Lift up your Heart, lift up your Voice,,
Rejoice again I fay, Rejoice.


His Kingdom cannot fait,

He rules o'er Earth and, Heav'n,

The Keys of Death and Hell
Are to our Jesus giv'n:

Lift up your Heart, lift up your Voice,

Rejoice again I fay, Rejoice.

Rejoice in glorious Hope,

Jesus, the Judge shall come, And take his Servants up

To their eternal Home:
We soon shall hear th' Arch-Angel's Voice,
The trump of God shall found Rejoice.

Hoping to enjoy Jesus.

GO M E, Lord, and help me to rejoice,
In hope that I shall hear thy Voice,
Shall one Day fee my God:
Shall cease from Sorrow and from Strife,
Handle and taste the word of Life,
And feel the sprinkled Blood.

Let me not always make my Moan,
Or worship thee a God unknown,

But may I live to prove,
Thy People's Rest, thy Saints Delight,
The length and breadth,and depth and height,

Of all Redeeming Love.

How must I love thee, then, O Lord,
Whenever by thy Grace restor'd,


And taste how good thou art:
Much I shall love, or not at all, ., .
Forgiven much, I surely shall

Love thee with all my Heart.

O glorious Hope of perfect Love,
It lifts me up to things above,

It bears on Eagles Wings:
It gives my ravish'd Soul a taste,
And makes me for some Moments feastj

With Jesu's Priests and Kings.

. Fervency* in Devotion..

pOME holy Spirit, heavenlyrDove,
**J With all thy quickening Powers,
Kindle, a Flame of sacred Love . .,
In these cold Hfcarts of Ours.

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Look how wef grovel here below!'
Fond of these earthly Toys:

Our Souls How heavily they go"
To reach Eternal Joys. .

In vain we tune our formal Songs-,

In vain we strive to rife: Hosannahs languish on our Tongues,

And our Devotion dies.

Dear Lord, and shall we ever live

At this poor dying rate;
Our Love so faint, so cold to thee,

And thine to us so great.


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