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Lord, by thee alone respected,
We can wipe our weeping Eyes:

Hallelujah, &c.

Glory be, &c.

Though no single Soul approves us,
Shall it make our Hope the less;
May we know our Saviour loves us,
May we feel an inward Peace:

Hallelujah, &c.

Glory be, &c.

Lord, accomplish all our Wishes,

With full Glories on us shine,

Kiss us with ten thousand Kisses,

Better is thy Love than Wine:

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
May we sing before thy Throne.


Follow Me.

CHildren of God arise,
Awake and understand,
The World's delusive Joys despise,
And look to God'b right Hand;,
There is your happy Place,
By Jesus Christ prepar'd,
Ye Sons of Sorrow, and of Grace,
There is your great Reward.

If Heav'n may be our Rest,

And God our Souls will guide, We seek no more, no more request,.

Nor ask we ought beside:

"H 3 Let Let us but reach at last,


The Palace of our God,
The bitter Cup we'll gladly taste,

And run the rugged Road.

Declaring Christ's Righteousness.

WE, with boldness will declare,
Thy Miracles of Grace,
In the Congregation tell,

Of thy sure Righteousness:
How can we our Lips refrain?

Thy Righteousness we must impart, Lord shall we, for fear of Man, Conceal it in our Heart.

Happy he who e'er believes

The Embassy of Peace, Who at Jesu's Hand receives

The Gift of Righteousness: God is his Salvation's God,

The Lord is his Almighty Shield, He with Grace shall be endow'd,

And then with Glory sill'd.

Matth. xxvii. 50, 54.

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I S done \ th'atoning Work is done!
Jesus, the World's Redeemer Dies,


All Nature feels th'important Groan,
Loud ecchoing thro' the Earth and Skies r
The Earth doth to her Center quake,
And Heav'n, as Hell's deep gloom, is black.

The Temple's Veil is rent in twain,
While Jesus meekly bows his Head,
The Rocks resent his mortal Pain,
The yawning Graves give up their Dead j
The Bodies of the Saints arise,
Reviving as the Saviour Dies.

And shall not we his Death partake,

In sympathetick Anguish groan,

O Saviour, let thy Passion shake

Our Earth, and rend our Hearts of Stone;

To second Life our Souls restore,

And 'wake us, that we sleep no more.


ALL thanks to the Lamb, who gives us
[ to meet.
His Love we proclaim, his Praises repeat,
We own him our Jesus, continually near,
To pardon and bless us, and comfort us here.

O what shall we do, our Saviour to Love,
To make us anew, come Lord, from above!
The fruit of thy Passion, thy Holiness give,.
Give us the Salvation of all that believe.

Come Jesus, and loose the stammerer's tongue, And teach even us, th' spiritual Song:

H 4 Let Let us, without ceasing, give thanks for thy

[ Grace,

And Glory, and Blessing, and Honour, and

£ Praise.

Pronounce the glad Word, and bid us be free, Ah! hast thou not, Lord, a Blessing for me? The Peace thou hast giv'n, this Moment

[ impart, And open thy Heav'n, O Love, in my Heart.


Happiness as Saints.

HA P P Y the Souls to Jesus join'd,
And sav'd by Grace alone;
Walking in all thy Ways, they sind
Their Heav'n on Earth begun.

The Church, triumphant in thy Love,

Their mighty Joys we know;
They sing the Lamb in Hymns above,

And we in Hymns below.

Thee, in thy glorious Realms, they praise,

And bow before thy Throne; We, in the Kingdom of thy Grace,

The Kingdoms are but one.

The holy, to the holiest leads,

From hence our Spirits rife; And he that in thy Statutes treads,

Shall meet thee in the Skies.


At the Consecration or Dedication of a Church.

SAVIOUR be pleas'd to meet us here,
And shew some tokens of thy Love,
Let us believe, and feel thee near,
And all thy choicest Blessings prove,
And every time we here adore*
Fresh Mercies on us freely pour.

May this be call'd an House of Pray'r,
By all who come to view this Place:
May they acknowledge God is here,
And fee the Glories of.thy Face:
And from his threshold ne'er remove,
'Till they have feasted on his Love.

When Sinners come to hear thy Word,
May Jesus pierce and wound their Hearts,
May they to Life be all restor'd,
And feel the Joy his Death imparts;
Repent, and flee from future Wrath,
And lay fast hold on Christ by Faith,

May Saints, for whom the Saviour Dy'd,,,
For Strength and Comfort here repair,,
In Faith and Love be edify'd,.
And stronger Consolations share:
Return, with Hearts inflam'd with Joy,
And then his Praise their Ljps Employ.

May Seekers here their Saviour find,
Aod mourn no mortari absent God;


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