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To Sorrow be no more inclin'd,
But feel his Presence shed abroad;
Receive fresh pledges of his Grace,
Admire his Love, and sing his Praise.


PSALM CVI. i. Praise ye the Lard, &c.

T"\ EAR Jesus draw near, .*-' And kindly give Ear, Now Lord, in this solemn Assembly appear.

Our God and our King,

Thy Praises we sing, Thy Name, to lost Creatures, Salvation do{h

£ bring.

In Adam we fell

From Heaven to Hell, But Jesus, the Sentence of Death doth repeal,

No Sinner shall miss
Of Pardon and Peace,
1Who truly can fay, that the Saviour is his.

They never shall Die,
Who on him rely,
For he is a Saviour exalted on high.

All we who believe,
Forgiveness receive,
And we in his Kingdom, for ever shall live.


Ezek. xxxvi. 26. A new Heart also will I give you, Use.

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A View os Heaven mortifies us to the World.

Ty H E N I behold the heav'nly state,

The rest that doth the Saints await,
How full of Comfort is my Soul,
What streams of Bliss around me roll.

Above the World by Faith we rife,
And taste the Joys above the Skies,
With Angels feast, with Angels join,
In Hymns immortal and divine.

While we enjoy this blissful Sight,
Our Souls o'erflow with sweet Delight ;.
We long to reach th'eternal Shore,
And fe« this evil World no more.

O for the beatifick Day,
When we shall sing our1 Souls away:
Then Pain and Sin for ever cease,
And Joys eternally increase,.


I Cor. iii. 22. All is Yours.

HO W great the Christian's Portion is f
What heaps of Joy, what worlds of Bliss.
The Lord for them prepares!
Their boundless Treasures who can know,
For all above, and all below,
And God, and Christ, is theirs.


Jesus, and all in him, is theirs,
They are adopted Sons and Heirs

Of God, thro' Grace divine:
Their Sins are pardon'd in his Blood, »
And with his Righteousness endow'd,

How glorious do they shine.

God is their own, and God is Love,
And they have all in Heav'n above,

What can they covet more?
Or what can true Believers want,
Why are they Discontent or Faint,

They have an endless Store.'

To God the Father, King supreme,
And Christ, who did the World redeem,

And thee, the Holy Ghost -
In Essence one, in Persons three*
Immortal Praise and Glory be,

By all the heav'nly Host.

B$h. vi. ii, 12. Put on the whole Armour, &a.

SOldiers, hear the Trumpet founding,
Men of War, 6

Now prepare,
In Christ's strength abounding.

See your Captain just before ye,
-Boldly Fight
In his Might,
Win a Crown of Glory.


Gird the Gospel Truths around you,
Keep them close,?

Then your Foes

Never shall confound you.

Jesu's Righteousness imputed,

.And imprest

On your Breast, Is a Robe well suited.

Take the Gospel Preparation,

Walk in Peace,

Never cease,
From pure Conversation.

Trust in Jesu's Blood and Merit,,

Keep his Word,

Take the Sword Of his holy Spirit.

Take the Helmet of Salvation,.

Baffle Snares,

Cast off Fears, Fight thro' Tabulation..

Fighf in Faith, still waxing stronger,

Win the Day,

Force your Way,
Till you more than Conquer.


For publkk Worjhip.

IO M E dearest Saviour from above,
And fill our Hearts with Grace j


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