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And sweetly shed abroad thy Love,
And kindly shew thy Face.

Into thy Temple, Lord, we coroe,
To hear what thou shalt say;

O do not send us empty Home,
Lest we faint by the Way.

How happy 'tis, when Men agree,
And join with one Accord,

In bands of Truth and Unity,
To love and praise the Lord.

Remove whate'er our Souls may part
From thee, and thy dear Son;

In close Communion join each Heart,
And melt us into one.

Thy Tabernacles here below

Resemble Heav'n above,
Where living streams of Pleasure flow,

And Rivers full of Love.


The same.

OL O R D, how awful is the Place,
Where thou art pleas'd to shew thy Face,.
And manifest thy Love:
How we rejoice when thou art near,
Our solemn Meetings then appear
A type of Heaven above.


Come here and see, and taste how sweet
It is, when God's dear Children meet,

To call upon the Lord:
Their Hearts are knocking at his Gate,
In Silence at his Feet they wait,

They wait to hear his Word.

Their Praises eccho thro' the Skies,
O may our purest Wishes rife,

Our warm Affections move:
How bright, how lovely they appear,
While Jesu's Righteousness they. wearv

And praise the God of Love.


Praying for Compassion.

~T\ YI N G Friend of Sinners hear us,
*"' Humbly. at thy Cross we lie,
In thine Ordinance be near us,
Now the Ungodly justify:
Let thy Bowels of Companion,
To thy ransom'd Creatures move,
Shew us all thy great Salvation,
God of Truth, and God of Love.

By thy meritorious Dying,
Save us from this Death of Sin,
By.thy precious Blood's applying,
Make our inmost Nature clean;
By thy Spirit Circumcise us,
Kindle in our Hearts a Flame,
By thy Baptism baptize us,
Into all thy glorious Name.

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Hear, O hear our Pray'r unceasing,
(Canst thou turn away thy Face,)
Send us down the purchas'd blessing,
Fullness of the Gospel Grace;
Give us worthily t'adore thee,
Thou our full Redeemer be,
Give us Pardon, Grace and Glory,
Peace and Power, and Heav'n in thee.

Solomon's Song. Chap. ii.


TH E Voice of my beloved sounds,
While o'er the mountain tops he bounds
He flies exulting o'er the Hills,
And all my Soul with transport sills,
Gently doth he chide my Stay,
Rife, my Love, and come away.

The scatter'd Clouds are fled at last,
The Rain is gone, the Winter's past,
The lovely vernal Flow'rs appear,
The feather'd Quires invite our Ears:
Now with sweetly pensive Moan,
Coes the Turtle-Dove alone.

The Voice of my beloved sounds,
While o'er the mountain tops he bounds.,
He flies exulting o'er the Hills,
And all my Soul with transport sills:
Gently doth he chide my Stay,
Rife, my Love, and ame away.



Prayer for Salvation.

JESUS, shew us thy Salvation,
In thy Strength we strive with thee,
By thy mystic Incarnation,
By thy pure Nativity:
Arm us with thy self-denial,
Ev'ry tempted Soul defend,
Save us in the siery Tryal,
Make us faithful to the End.

By thy dear blood-shedding heal us,
Cut us off from every Sin,
By thy Circumcision seal us,
Write thy Law of Love within;
Save us, thou our dear Redeemer,
Into all our Souls impart,
Thy divine and heav'nly Nature,
Form thyself within our Heart.

The distress'd Sinner.

WRetched, helpless, and distress'd,
Ah! whither shall I fly,
Ever gasping after rest,
I cannot sind it nigh;
Naked, Sick, and Poor, and Blind,
Fast bound in Sin and Misery,
Friend of Sinners, let me find,
My Help, my All in thee.

Jesus, Jesus, full of Truth and Grate,

In thee is all I want,

Be the Wanderers resting Place,

A Cordial to the Faint;

Over me thy Mantle spread,

Send down thy Likeness from above,

Let thy Goodness be display'd,

And wrap me in thy Love.

The Backjlider.

OJ E S U, full of pard'ning Grace,
More full of Grace, than I of Sin,
Yet once again I seek thy Face,
Open thine Arms, and take me in,
And freely my Backslidings heal,
And love the faithless Sinner still.

Thou know'st the Way to bring me back,

My fallen Spirit to restore,

O, for thy Truth and Mercy fake,

Forgive, and bid me Sin no more;

The ruins of my Soul repair,

And make my Heart an House of Pray'r,

Ah ! give me, Lord, the tender Heart,
That trembles at th'approach of Sin,
A godly Fear of Sin impart,
Implant, and root it deep within,
That I may dread thy gracious Pow'r,
And never dare offend thee more.


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