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The Epiphany.

HE reigns ! the Lord our Saviour reigns \
Praise him in evangelick Strains!
Let all the Earth in Songs rejoice,
And distant Islands join their Voice.

The Lord is come, the Heav'ns proclaim
His Birth, the Nations learn his Name;
An unknown Star directs the Road,
Of Eastern Sages, to their God.

All ye bright armies of the Skies,
Go worship where the Saviour lies;
Angels and Kings before him bow,
The Great on high, and Great below.

Rejoice, ye Christians, and record
The sacred Honours of the Lord,
None but the Souls that feel his Grace,
Can triumph in his Holiness.



SAlvation! O the joyful Sound!
What Pleasure to our Ears!
A sov'reign Balm for ev'ry Wound,
A Cordial for our Fears.

Buried in Sorrow, and in Sin,
At Hell's dark Door we lay!


Oh may we rise by Grace divine,
To see a heavn'ly Day!

Salvation! let the Eccho fly
The spacious Earth around,

While all the Armies of the Sky
Conspire to raise the Sound.


ARISE, my Soul, arise,
And view th'Alrnighty's Throne,
Humble and joyful lift thine Eyes
To Lands of Peace unknown.

High in eternal Praise,

Clad in a shining Cloud,
Resides the King of endless Days 5

The great Creator God.

Girt with a golden Belt,

My dear Redeemer stands,
And stain'd with Blood for Sinners spilt,

He spreads his wounded Hands.

In Beauty, Love, and Peace,

He reigns triumphant now,
And pard'ning Pow'r, and saving Grace,

Sits glorious on his Brow.

There, Tribulation's Sons

After their noble strife,
Rejoicing, rest on dazling Thrones,

And wear the Crown of Life.


Dear Jesus, and shall I,
E'er in these Courts adore

O seal me this before I Die,
And, Lord, I ask no more.

Moses Dying in the Embraces of God.

DEATH cannot make our Souls afraid,
If God be with us there,
We may walk thro' the darkest Shade,
And never yield to Fear.

Might we but climb to Pisgah's Top,
And view the promis'd Land;

Our Flesh itself should long to drop,
And pray for the Command.

Clasp'd in our heav'nly Father's Arms,
We would forget our Breath,

And loose our Life among the Charms
Of so divine a Death.

Paradice on Earth.

GLORY to God that walks the Sky,
And fends his Blessings thro',
That tells his Saints of Joys on high,
And gives % taste below i

When When Christ, with all his Graces crown'd,

Sheds his kind Beams abroad,
'Tis a young Heav'n on earthly Ground,

And Glory in the Bud.

But ah! how soon our Joys decay,

How soon our Sins arise,
And snatch the heav'nly Scene away,

From these lamenting Eyes.

When shall the time, dear Jesus, when,

The shining Day appear;
That we shall leave those Clouds of Sin,

And Guilt and Darkness here.

We would almost forsake our Clay,

Before the Summons come,
And pray and wish our Souls away

To their eternal Home.

A Funeral Thtugbt,

tjARK! from the Tomb a doleful sounu x x Our Ears attend the Cry, Ye living Men, come view the Ground, Where you must shortly lie.

Princes, this Clay must be your Bed,

In spite of all your Tow'rs;
The Tall, the Wife, the Rev'rend Head,

Must lie as low as Ours.

Great Great God! is this our certain Doom?

And are we still secure?
Still walking downward to the Tombj

And yet prepare no more.

Grant us the Pow'rs of quick'ning Grace,

To fit our Souls to fly;
Then, when we drop this dying Flesh,

We'll rife above the Sky.


Jesus Love.

TjOW shall we bless the bleeding Lamb,

** Or his amazing Kindness shew,

Give equal Honours to his Name,

Or render him the Praises due:

Lo! God for Sinners Bleeds and Dies,

Our Maker is our Sacrifice.

Our Sins may reach to Heaven above,
And for Destruction cry aloud,
Yet Jesu's everlasting Love,
Is seal'd in Characters of Blood:
His Blood a full Discharge procures,
His Love unchangeable endures.

Oh! for that World which yet remains,
That Land of Rest for Saints above,
There stall we chant in nobler strains,
The mysteries of Jesu's Love:
His Love shall then be all our Song,
While endless Ages pass along.

. .. • HYMN

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