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Adoption. DEHOLD what wond'rous Grace

D The Father has bestow'd On Sinners of a mortal Race,

To call them Sons of God! ;

Nor doth it yet appear,

How great they will be made;
But when they see their Saviour here,

Saints shall be like their Head,
A Hope so much divine,

May Trials well endure;
May purge their Souls from Sense and Sin,

As Christ the Lord is pure.
O Lord, if in thy Love

We share a filial Part,
Send down thy Spirit, like a Dove,

To reft upon each Heart.
Suffer us not to lie

Like Slaves before thy Throne,
Let each now Abba, Father, cry, .

And thou the Kindred own.

HY MN CLXXXVIII. N OW to the Lord, a noble Song,

N Awake, my Soul, awake my Tongue, Hosanna to th' eternal Name, And all his boundless Love proclaim!


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Oh that we all may reach the Place,
Where he unveils his lovely Face,
Where all his Beauties you behold,
And fing his Name to Harps, of Gold !

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Lord, we bless thee for thy Grace
And Truth, which never fail,
Haft’ning to behold thy Face,
Without a dimming Veil :
We shall see our heav'nly King,
All thy glorious Love proclaim,
Help the Angel-Choir to fing
Our dear triumphant Lamb.

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The Compaffion of Jesus,
O UR Spirits join t'adore the Lamb,

U Oh that our feeble Lips would move,
In strains, immortal as his Name.
And melting as his dying Love. ..
Was ever equal Pity found,
The Prince of Heav'n resigns his Breath ;
And pours his Life out on the Ground,
To ransom guilty Worms from Death.
Rebels, we broke our Maker's Laws,
He from the threat'ning sets us free,
Bore the full Vengeance on the Cross,
And nail'd the Curses to the Tree.

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